How to look stylish when confused

Becoming a mom sometimes mean we stay out of touch with our style, thus trying to look stylish afterwards can get a bit confusing, from trying to apply what we have known, to new things everyone seems to be doing now. Thus, in order to reduce frustration or confusion, here are a few tips we can use to look stylish when confused. These tips have worked for me and it should for you too. Keep scrolling to find out more.

1. Wear Monochromatic Outfits

When in doubt where a monochromatic outfit, that is, outfits in a similar tones. For instance, Black /Black, Blue/Blue, Green/Green etc. The good thing with this trick is that you automatically appear classy and stylish, with minimal effort.

2. Wear One Piece Outfits

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Another tip is when unsure, opt for a one piece clothing. They are a great choice because they do not need lots of creating combos and thinking. And this way you worry less about whether you are doing the right thing or not. Good examples include, jumpsuits, Abayas, Kimonos, gowns etc.

3. COPY Easy/Reasonable Trends


When it comes to staying on top of fashion and not appearing outdated, copying easy trends is definitely the way to go. Although, I commonly advise not to follow trends, because of its short life span. In this case, timeless trends are definitely not a bad idea. This is because, even though they are trendy and everywhere, they can still be worn years after they are out of vogue. Good examples of timeless trends are Adire (e.g. It has been trendy since 2019), white sneakers, kimonos, neutral colour pallets, silk anything etc.

4. Always, Always Accessorise

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Our clothes alone amount to just 50% of a look, whilst accessories account for the other half. Thus, they are just as important as a nice outfit put together. Therefore, accessorizing well is a trick you want to always apply when getting dressed and confused. For instance, wear the appropriate jewelry, carry the right bag & shoes, use a scarf etc., and your look is instantly elevated.

5. Always seek for inspiration  

Style confidence is not a destination, you have to constantly improve yourself. One of the things I do is follow other stylish women that I admire their sense of style. Consequently, we get to try on new things I fancy and love, and at the same brush up my skills.

I hope you found this useful.

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