Miscarriage: A painful secret.

Why is there so much silence around Miscarriage? It’s such a hush hush topic that most women do not realise how common they are until they’ve had one.

Unfortunately, there’s so much personal shame and social taboo attached to what is such a frequent occurrence that it is usually kept a painful secret.

One in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage—that’s not one in four women will have a miscarriage, but that in all pregnancies, 25 percent of them will end in grief. More information

Among women who know they are pregnant, up to 25 percent of those pregnancies will end in a miscarriage, according to the National Library of Medicine. Health experts say the total number of miscarriages is probably much higher because many — perhaps most — miscarriages occur early in pregnancy, usually before a person knows they are pregnant. Learn more

Miscarriages are much more common than most people realise. Many more miscarriages happen before a person is even aware they’re pregnant. Read more

We’ll love to read from you Lovelies on how you coped when it happened to you. What support system did you have? Who/What was the most comforting Person/thing that helped?

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