Metallic Fashion Trend Among Nigerian Men.

Well, Lovelies, Metallic fashion has been in the scene for as long as we can remember. As a most recent memory, we can easily date it back to Gareth Pugh fall collection 2014 or to MM6 Maison Margiela RTW fall collection in 2018. In any case, metallic fashion is not so new a trend.

However, what is new, is that Nigerian men them are taking a liking to tin foil backdrop and silver lacquered suites for their birthday shoots and we love to see it!!!

Nigerian men hopping on metallic fashion trend.

On the 6th of July with assumptions that he styled  himself, beauty influencer Eni, released his birthday pictures.

The concept shares uncanny similarities with the MM6 collection inside a London pub, creating a whole shiny room of metallic fashion.

MM6 metallic fashion collection in a London pub
MM6 RTW fall collection | photo obtained via pinterest @

Beyond the styling and the look, we love the smooth yummy melanin skin that embodied this outfit. A perfect contrast for the brightly shiny silver backdrop

Within the same month, Ex BBN housemate, Ike Onyeoma shared very similar pictures for his own birthday too! He was styled by Toyin Lawani.

What however makes the difference between his and Eni’s was the neatly cut triangular glass embellishments on his jacket.

Lovelies, this writer might be a little bird for doing this, but it may seem as though metallic fashion is the new trend amongst Nigerian men. Well at least, for as much as their birthday shoots are concerned. Take this post as a quick update before it becomes stale. Don’t be late to the party, you’re welcome!

Before I go, what’s your take on this trend? Personally, I love it! If women can wear shiny hair and makeup, and shine everywhere, I don’t see why men can’t! Let me know in the comment section, you know I’m always there. 

Ciao for now😌❤️

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