#MeetDAdims: Started from the gram now we here!

We met on Instagram (yeah, social media relationships do work sometimes when you both are sincere and serious), it was one pleasant evening, was lying on my bed scrolling through my feeds. I saw a post that was interesting and out of curiosity, I clicked to see the users that liked the post, and one name caught my eyes. I sent a DM, and to be sincere, I wasn’t expecting a response, but anyways, I got a response from her.

We started talking, and we related as if we had known each other forever. She was kind, respectful, friendly and very intelligent. We started up as just chat buddies, and as time went by, we grew on each other.

From chat buddies, we matured to being close friends, we talked about literally everything. We were two opposite species; she is an outgoing, bubbling, life of the party, cinema, business oriented, extroverted individual while I am an indoor, Netflix, bookworm, church, nine to five and introverted person. I think our opposite polarities made us keyed easily.

Although we had frictions, but we complemented each other in most areas. After some weeks of chatting, I asked her to be my girlfriend; the synergy was already there and there was no need to waste time any further. Miraculously, she agreed. We had some hiccups on the way in the early phase of our relationship. I think one of the reasons was because she just came out of a relationship that she was very passionate about like 4 to 5 months prior. She felt she needed time to heal and at some point, I felt I was the rebound.

Our relationship nearly hit the rocks so many times, but God kept making things fall in the right places because he knew she was going to be my wife.

Fast forward to one year after and at this moment after we became friends, things have turned around, we look at those months we almost fell apart and laughed. Now we can’t see ourselves not being together. She is the loveliest and sweetest person I Know. She has a good heart and a sound spirit. she knows what she wants, and what she wants is me.


The Team

Planner: @perfectevents_byjane

Bride: @lightbitechops

Photographers: @cresshot @tundearoks

Outfit: @luna_stiches

Beads: @lunabead

Shoes: @nanadracloset

Ring: @bozjewelry

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