Man of God Movie Review: Watch or Skip?

Man of God movie is about the story of a young boy (Akah Nnani) who was brought up in a very strict Christian home, endured years of maltreatment from his father, and vows to return when he leaves the house. He eventually left when he went to the university, became the typical bad guy, and was living the “prodigal son” lifestyle with his friend Rekya (Dorcas Shola Fapson). You can watch the trailer here!

I think the story in a way is a mix of the story of the prodigal son and the lost sheep from the bible, because he eventually returns home, and we saw his father welcome him with open arms — just like the prodigal son that was lost and then found, but before then, a lot happened in the movie!

First of all, the movie was alright. It was just alright to me, the cinematography was good, the actors did okay, but I didn’t really enjoy it like that. It’s not really my kind of movie, but they did okay.

However, I didn’t really understand the time frame. It would have been less confusing if they showed dates or number of years that have passed or something, because first of all we saw a father beating his son, then obviously years later he gains admission into the university, he falls in love with a Christian girl, Joy, then he gets married to Teju ( Osas Ighodaro), builds a church, blah blah… knowing the timing would have made it make more sense.

Man of God movie tried to address so many things and ended up not doing such a great job at that in my opinion. I love how they shed more light on corruption in church, drugs and human trafficking and other things they did, but I feel like they lost the whole plan along the way, like it was rushed or something. 

By the way, shall we talk about how a student church pastor was frolicking around the campus with a man like that? Ah, I don’t think that’s possible sha! I attended a student church and even if they were dating, they wouldn’t let it be obvious to the members or everyone, not to talk of moving hands in hands on campus, ah, not in our Nigerian schools! 

But anyways, the point of the movie was passed across— forgiveness and how it’s never too late to go back. They tried, so I’d rate a 5/10. You can watch on Netflix if you would like to, don’t expect too much and just watch with an open mind, you should enjoy it. 

Have you seen Man of God? What did you like or didn’t like about the movie? Which movie would you want us to review next? Tell me in the comments! 

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