“Madam Koi Koi” Movie Review: Stream or Skip?

Personally, I believe that some classic tales should be left as tales, and not made into movies. Hi lovelies, happy Sunday to you! That was exactly my thoughts after watching the Madam Koi Koi series on Netflix. Growing up, I’m sure we all heard the popular story of Miss Koi Koi mostly shared among boarding students, of her ghost lurking in the dark with her shoe making the “koi koi” sound whenever she moved. It was a scary story that I’m sure traumatized boarding students. I couldn’t relate though because I was a day student, but I know it was scary.

Ladies and gents, I’m not going to lie, I had high expectations for this movie, unfortunately it didn’t deliver. “Madam Koi Koi” was about a spirit whose aim was enacting vengeance not on what or who  you would have expected “students or lineage of students that harmed a teacher which lead to her death, blah blah…” but instead on corrupt and creepy people (kind of like a good ghost fighting for women) and their lineage in Malomo village. The producers wanted a twist for sure, but it wasn’t twisting in my opinion. It wasn’t that interesting, neither was it scary.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some parts that worked. Like it was obvious they spent money on the movie. The cinematography was good, the sound effects, the attack scenes and the blood looked real. I like how they also brought in new faces, though some of them didn’t do that well, but they tried.

What didn’t I like? A lot. I can’t even begin to mention all so as not to sound like a hater. First of all, while Sister Jane fit the role, she didn’t speak like it. The police investigation didn’t look like they were serious. The story wasn’t interesting, like at no point did the students even hear the Madam Koikoi sound. Episode 1 seemed like it had potential, it had this buildup to a great story, then everything fell flat. Episode 2 was just flashbacks on flashbacks, about things that didn’t concern us. That episode 2 felt totally unnecessary, like they could have summed it up as a one part movie, instead of the one week suspense for that episode.

Let’s not even talk about the police hiding the investigation from the mother, who does that? You just pick up someone’s child and take them to a herbalist and you won’t inform their parent? Lol. What also happened to the first girl that was raped? I hated how the ladies were being silenced, but I’m glad Mother Superior was arrested.

They didn’t also put in much effort into aging the women, Sister Jane, Sister Ruth or even Amanda’s mum didn’t even age one bit in 20 years. The worst was even Sister Ruth, she looked exactly the same. The only person that aged was Baba. There was an error at the scene where Baba saved Sister Ruth from getting raped years ago, and she was like “Baba…”, he was still young at the time, it got me confused for a second, like maybe his name is Baba? Lol.

Alsooo, that scene at the herbalist where he was translating Yoruba to Amanda and he was acting like his English wasn’t good, I was just rolling my eyes. Like that man was speaking fluently, how come at that point he was saying “…it will pepper you, you know pepper…instead of it would hurt you”. He said something else I couldn’t remember, I was just rolling my eyes.

And finally, I don’t like how the 3 students died, it was too peaceful for them. And how convenient was it for the police to locate those people in one day, lol, isn’t it this same Nigeria? And how come they never even reached out to Idowu’s family throughout the movie. Neither did the school nor the police reach out to them. Woh, I have so much to say, I’m just going to stop here.

Is Madam Koi Koi a stream or skip? It’s not all baddd, it’s an alright movie you can just watch if you don’t have other interesting things to watch, just don’t watch it with any expectations. Have you seen the movie? What are your thoughts? It’s currently available on Netflix if you’d like to see it! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Until next time. XX

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