Started from a bus ride to NYSC Camp, now we are here— Enny & Leke’s love story!


Ibadan City 07.25.2017. On a gloomy Tuesday morning, my mum dropped me off at Wema bank car park- Iwo road (hahahaa). I was headed to Kabba orientation camp & I was so unhappy about that trip. My mum & I had a back and forth about going back home until the car was ready to leave. Leke was sitting right beside me and I’m sure he was observing all our drama. Finally, the northbound journey started and Leke just had to talk to a fine girl.

“Going to camp yeah?” he started, I responded Yes and I don’t want to go (grumpy & unbothered). He asked why & the gist just continued. During our conversation, I told Leke I am a doctor & he went ahead to say he dropped out of medical school (yoruba boys can lie), so I was curious about that & kept digging further.

He later kept talking about medical conditions I can use to JAPA from camp if I didn’t want to stay. That piqued my curiosity & I said, ’for a medical school dropout, you know so much’. He confessed that he just completed his housejob too and was heading to Niger state for NYSC too. I yelled, “so you are a corp member too”

The vibe was good, we talked about so many things on that 6-hour journey. I had some snacks in my bag & I was munching away. We shared some of the snacks (Rich-Tea biscuit). I slept off at some point and my neck kept hanging, I don’t know how, but my head ended up on his shoulder (hmmm the short nap was good but fear yoruba boys hahaaha).

As we approached Kogi state, Leke was very affirmative, don’t have any camp boyfriend o, tell them that your camp boyfriend is in Niger camp. I laughed out loud (yoruba boys no dey carry last). We exchanged Snapchat IDs and I alighted from the car in Kabba.

The next three weeks were eventful, with daily check-ins from my Niger camp boyfriend. We were always talking over the phone filling each other in about our various camps. We both had plans to redeploy & I wanted Oyo or Ogun state.

Somehow, Leke convinced me Ogun state was better. He facilitated the process for both of us & we redeployed to Ogun state. As fate would have it, we were both posted to Sagamu & we started dating, Leke quickly became my favorite person.

By the end of the NYSC program, I moved to the United States for my master’s degree and we found ourselves in a Long distance relationship. Our grand plan did not quite work out so we spent four years apart but were still madly in love.

Somehow, we made our relationship work, enduring the daily video calls, the long distance, the pandemic and everything else in between. Adeleke, my best friend and the absolute love of my life. Every step has led us to exactly where we are meant to be. It has led us to each other. Our story is proof that truly, the art of love, is largely the art of persistence.


Our romantic journey began on a sunny morning while traveling from Ibadan to Abuja more than five years ago. Both of us were on our way to the NYSC orientation camps. Eniola was going to alight at Kabba in Kogi state, while I was heading to Niger state.

We sat beside each other in the taxi and a few minutes into that journey, we were in a light-hearted conversation. She even offered me some of her “Rich-tea” biscuits. But as a full-blooded Yoruba boy, you don’t collect things from a stranger (lol). Her beautiful diastema and bright smile caught my attention immediately. God truly works in mysterious ways.

I remember telling her that I am her camp boyfriend (hahaha) and we exchanged contacts before she alighted in Kogi state. The conversations continued while in camp and we kept each other up to date with our camp experiences.

Enny was undecided between redeploying back to Oyo or Ogun state but I convinced her Ogun state was better so she could be closer to me. I eventually facilitated her redeployment and final posting to Sagamu. Of course, we started the relationship almost right away and we soon became an item during our service year in Sagamu, we were seen literally everywhere together.

Then life happened, Enny had gotten a student visa to go for her masters in New York City and she had to leave. From being side by side to thousands of miles apart. We knew this was going to test our relationship but we decided to give it a chance.

Our plan was for me to join her soon but unfortunately, this didn’t happen and we were apart for about 4years. Yes, you read that right. We were in a full time long-distance relationship for 4 years. ( I’ll advise, don’t try this folks. lol)

Despite the odds, we had great communication and never missed a day of talking. Even though we were separated by thousands of miles, our love got stronger every day. Here we are today, standing strong, fervent in prayers, and God making all things beautiful in his time. I’ve never wanted anything this much than to spend forever with my favorite girl Eniola.

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Bride: @posh_ennypearl

Groom: @lekepizzle

Makeup: @beautyexpertmx

Photography: @chastnikova_photography,

Location: @ritzcarlton

Groom’s outfit: @sube_xclusive

Bride’s outfit: @iyunolasignature

Turban: @lopelewa

Joggers: @nike

Planner: @moeventsville

Hashtag: #LovelikeAAA

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