Love Like Chinyere & Justice’s: How It All Began!

Her Version 

I was at work when I received an instant message from a friend who later became a mutual friend of ours. She said, there is someone I would like for you to meet. She described him as someone that was kind, loving, patient and godly.

On reading her message, I was delighted at the qualities mentioned. They piqued my interest to meet this very someone. Even though, I was unsure about my readiness for a relationship at the time, I was keen to confirm the too-good-to-be true description. I expressed my thoughts to my friend and consented to her sharing my contacts details with this said ‘man’.

As I got ready to go to bed that night, a call came through with an unknown number. I was sceptical at first but went on to take the call. A calm voice on the other end, uttered a ‘good evening’ and goes on to introduce himself.

At some point in our conversation, he informed me that he will be in Chicago later that week and wanted to know if my schedule could accommodate a lunch date. I agreed to meeting him on his visit but sadly, the day we scheduled to meet, I was drafted into an ad hoc meeting that lasted beyond the fixed time. Thus, I could not make the meeting.

When I notified him of the change in plans, he was so understanding and asked if I could make another meeting later in the week. I already knew within me that nothing was going to stop me from making that second meeting…lol.

We finally had our lunch date, and I apologized for missing the first meeting and offered to drop him off at the airport. Well brethren, as the saying goes, the rest is history! It has been a blissful journey with someone whose presence in my life reassures me of God’s liquid love. 

His Version 

I was speaking to a friend, Sister Blessing, about how I was ready to take the next step towards finding my life partner. I described the personality of the person I would love to spend the rest of my life with, and she said I have a sister in mind for you. She is beautiful, tall, intelligent and God-fearing. I asked to see a picture of her and on seeing her picture, I asked for her phone number.

I sent her a message on WhatsApp, asking if she would be available for a call later that night but I never got a response. After deliberating on whether to call even though I was not sure why she did not respond or how she would perceive my action, I went ahead to call her that night.

She sounded very welcoming over the phone and that was a plus for me and helped me settle. During our call, I told her I would be in Chicago and would like to meet her. She agreed but stood me up. I said, ‘haba’, who stands someone up on a first date. Despite the incidence, I still felt something within me nudging me to give this a chance. She called me, sounding so remorseful and asked that we reschedule for the next day. I knew there was a reason, why my spirit nudged me to give the meeting another chance and she proved me right.

We met at the park had lunch and she offered to take me to the airport. As I boarded the aircraft that fateful day, I was convinced that I have arrived at my place of joy. This was it. She whom I had sought for years was finally within my reach and I was never going to let her go. ❤️


Bride: @daughter_of_consolation

Groom: @justiceudonna

Planner: @weddingsbydp 

Photography: @dannykstudios

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