Love Story from the Bride

We met in his Aunt’s house when I came to visit her and work at her salon during summer break. He came back from work and I introduced myself while raising my hand for a hand shake. He said hi without accepting my handshake and walked away. I remember thinking how rude he was. The next morning was a Sunday and I was getting ready for church with his Aunt, he came out of his room- a different person with all smiles and said “Good morning” . We became friends.

Fun fact: He was in a relationship when we met, so we were genuinely just friends. I told him how rude he was when we first met and he apologized and explained he had a rough day at work only for him to come home to a stranger in the living room.

Few months after, him and his ex-girlfriend mutually ended their relationship. A month later I left and started working somewhere else, but he would come see me at work and spend time with me. Few months later he asked me out and fast forward three years later we tied the knot. Our relationship is all because of God’s grace and mercy.


Couple: Boma @tamunoboms & Emeka @emeka_abu

Traditional Marriage in PortHarcourt

Photo & video by @gaffmultimedia

Bride’s outfits @aniblinkzbeads

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