“Love Indeed Does Exist & It Lives Here”- Abiola and Her Lover’s Story


How does it feel to like someone who doesn’t like you back? That’s what it was when I first met Abiola back in uni. Being someone who gets liked by most people I meet, it felt rather strange, but I didn’t settle for “everybody cannot like you”.

Understanding the task at hand, I tried about everything I could to be in her good books just so I could get close enough to even say a simple “Happy Sunday” whenever we saw.

As time progressed, I scored some good points and ascended the ladder really quickly and in a space of a few months, we became really close and eventually became besties after some effort! I mean, attended some of her classes because I needed to see her every other day.

I never understood what being committed in a relationship was. I never wanted it anyway. I didn’t want to have to consider someone else before making personal decisions. But with her, it was something I was willing to try out until we discovered that we could actually try this thing called love.

For the past eight years, through the good and the not-so-good, we’ve learnt to complement each other and have built a strong foundation to kick off our journey to a thousand years and a day together as a team. I would choose my Cuppycake over and over again. Love indeed does exist, and it lives here!


Ours is a very unplanned love story. It happened when we were neither searching nor even interested in commitments. Everyone saw the love before we did, I guess you never really see it when love creeps up on you.

We finally started the journey scared and unsure of what tomorrow holds but at least we would never wonder what if.

We’ve been on a long journey of discovery, forgiveness, commitment and growth. Through it all, we always knew walking away wasn’t on the table except we’ve exhausted everything but God’s arsenal of love and forgiveness is unending and bottomless.

And so we are here after meeting on that fateful day 11 years ago on hill one, OAU where boy meets girl and likes her but she couldn’t be bothered. I guess God listened to the craving of boy’s heart cause this girl is yours forever.

I’m glad to be doing life with you. Sometimes I want to ship you off but then, l’Il have to go with you I’ll always love you Ete, and I’ll choose you every time.

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