Look both ways movie review! (9/10)

“Look Both Ways” is about Natalie (Lili Reinhart) who had always aspired to be an animation filmmaker, and had all her life planned out in her “5 year plan”. On the night of her college graduation party, she had a pregnancy scare from the one time thing she had with her best friend, her life divulged into two parallel realities: in one she got pregnant, moved back to her parents house and had to navigate motherhood with all the highs and lows of her giving up on her dream, and the second reality where she relocates to Los Angeles as planned and fulfills her goals.

The movie proceeds by showing each part of her life in both realities. In the motherhood life, she had to get used to the discomfort of living with her parents again, the idea of missing out on her life, not achieving her dreams, while her other best friend who they had planned on moving to LA together was living her life, everyone else their age was doing their things, and she was just being a single mum. It’s pretty sad, to be very honest. 

Her “LA Living the dream self” was legit living the dream. She got a job as an assistant for her idol, she got into a relationship with a sexy, handsome man who was crazy about her too, her life was really going like she wanted, not super well in her career though, she wanted to be more than an assistant.

The “motherhood Natalie” gave birth to a cutie, the best friend, Gabe (dad) was with her every step of the way, he got an apartment and whilst she wasn’t in love with him at the time and only saw him as a friend, I think he had a thing for her and wanted to be with her, he even asked her to move in. But she refused, and asked him to date someone else, which he did. 

The movie was kind of fast forwarded at this point, months turned to years, Gabe started dating, and it was after Natalie had proposed to his girlfriend that Natalie’s eyes opened to see she was in love with him, let’s just hope it wasn’t too late.

“Los Angeles Natalie” was also living the life, she had even gotten more serious with her boyfriend now, they were planning on renting an apartment together, but he got a huge break in his career and had to relocate for sometime, the distant thing didn’t work for them and they had to break up, and before then he had pushed her to make a move towards her goal to becoming an animation filmmaker and talked to her boss, which she did.

“Natalie the mum” started working on her animation again, she never stopped, but there was a pause to take care of the child. She made an animation inspired by her child, which gave her the huge break she needed in her career. Los Angeles Natalie got fired from her job, and the whole thing made her find her voice and also made an animation that gave her the break she needed too. Crazy how both happened at the same time in both realities. 

In the end, things worked out well for both of them and at the same time. She fell in love with Gabe (dad) and they lived happily ever after. Los Angelese Natalie also got back with her sexy man, and it all worked out happily for them too. 

I really really love the whole plot. It’s such an unconventional storyline that really made perfect sense. It portrays how things happen in real life and how a single action could change things. I loved that! 

I would totally re-watch the movie if I had to, because the time spent watching it was worth it for me. I’m a fan of rom coms, so I really enjoyed it. Storyline made sense, everything was fine, the people were fine, oh I’d rate a 9/10. The 1 is just for me to feel wicked, but really I don’t see anything wrong with the movie. It passed the information across, perfectly! 

Totally recommend if you haven’t seen it, you can watch it on Netflix whenever you’re in the mood for some sweet romance sturvs. You can watch the trailer here.

Come back and tell me if you enjoyed it or not and if my review did justice after you’ve seen it!

Well, if you have seen the movie, did you enjoy it like I did? What did you like or didn’t like? What do you think of my review? Please share in the comments!

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