Have you ever been in a relationship, where it felt like you are begging your man to open up and be truly invested?

I have. And let me tell you, it’s not fun.

Emotionally unavailable man isn’t all a bad man in fact. They might be nice to you, treating you quite well enough when you both are on a date, but still, you’ll feel that emptiness in the relationship. It’s unhealthy to stay in such a relationship.

The truth is, dating an emotionally unavailable man is painful, because you find yourself hoping, waiting, and trying to change him, which we all know by now is a bad investment of your time.

A healthy relationship should encourage you and make you feel like you have someone to rely on, but, if you sense signs your partner is emotionally unavailable (click the bold sentence to read the post), then that affair is as good as dead so you need to let it go. Letting go of the person you love can be very hard but, if you’re not getting emotional satisfaction with them, what’s the point of being with them?

If you’re in this sad situation with your “Mr unavailable” and you’re finding it difficult to let him go; well dear, go grab a glass of juice, relax and stick till the end of this article, you’d be glad you did! In this particular order, try doing these things.

1. Stop Showering Him With Affection

If it’s hard to do it at once, gradually try to do simple things that will lead to the end of your relationship. If he doesn’t want to get closer to you, then you shouldn’t either! Stop caring so much about him—- if he calls or not, if he replies your text or not, don’t give a damn about any of that!

2. Set Boundaries

Create some boundaries between both of you before you actually break up with this guy. Meaning, make yourself unavailable to him.

3. Focus more on yourself

Before you actually cut it off, try to spend some me time. Use that time to reconsider once more what’s happening to you right now. Is this pain worth it? Use that time to care and pamper yourself after being in such an unhealthy relationship. Remember that being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. It is even a lot better than being with someone who’s emotionally unavailable to you.

4. Create a Distance

If you prefer going slowly but, then you shouldn’t. Why should you anyways? Build up your wall so high that he notices the new change. Create an obvious distance between him and you. Stop telling him so much of your day, stop demanding for his time and attention or any dates with him. Make yourself used to that conditions so that you won’t find it too hard. Master living life without him.

5. Forget him completely (Trash out his memories)

This is the ultimate action to take. You should block him. Delete his number. Unfollow his socials. Erase his photos. Gather up all his belongings and whatever reminds you of him and take out the trash! Leaving nothing behind….You don’t need anything that would remind you of him. Clear up his memories… he never treated you right. Remember his actions were mentally unhealthy. You tried all you can to get him to open up but your feelings were not validated. You don’t need such unpleasant memories.

Breaking up isn’t an easy matter. Just reading any tips like how to break up with emotionally unavailable man will never help you much if you never try to change your heart. You need to set your mindset on actually walking away. If you never try to think in a different way, letting the truth to convince you and to teach you a lesson, then you’ll always stay in the same spot. Reconsider what’s good for you, stop developing any feelings for person who doesn’t worth it.

A good partner should fill your cup. An emotionally unavailable partner just drains it.

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