Kema And Tunde’s Love Story!

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How we met- Bride

Every relationship has a foundation, ours started from a weird place.🤣 We have known each other since 2012, but weren’t close friends. It was more like we didn’t even see eye to eye. It was a very flat relationship, but 2019 came, and we met and vibed at this wedding. This was the first time we were seeing each other in about 2 years. And we kicked off a new leaf of friendship.

How we met- Groom

Kema and I met in 2012, when I went to see a mutual friend of ours. My first impression of her was not the best. She did not have a friendly countenance, which made me believe she was just uptight. A friendship with her was the last thing that crossed my mind at this point. Irrespective of this, we always found ourselves in each other’s space due to how close we were to this mutual friend.

Fast-forward to 2019, we met again because our friend was getting married, and both of us happened to be ‘groomsmen’. This was the first time we were seeing each other in about two years. Kema came with a totally different vibe. She was lively, happy and caring. I remember falling sick during that period, and she was there to see that I got better speedily. I was surprised, but definitely preferred the Kema I experienced that period. As God will have it, we became friends.

Kema & Tunde

We weren’t expecting an “US”. We never thought that we would end up together, but here we are. The single most extraordinary thing we have ever done with our lives is fall in love with each other. It seems like a perfect collaboration from heaven.

Dear lovelies, join us on this short visual journey of how our love story has progressed.

Pre-wedding Shoot

our court wedding

Delta Traditional Wedding

Yoruba traditional wedding

The Wedding



Groom: @tunde_tnt 

Bride: @kemaoyih 

Couple: @diaryofthemos

Pre-wedding video: @thefmcstudios

Photography: @ifedayo.x || @ifedayo.weddings 

Court Wedding

Styling – @kwasee.official 

Bride Outfits: @maibecca 

Groom Outfit: @johnniefits 

Mua: @adaras_glam 

Video: @thefmcstudios

Delta Trad

Videography: @marvinfilm

Bride Outfits: @livnoireklothing  

Groom Outfit: @diqsontaylor 

Mua: @blush_makeup 

Hair: @oludavid 

Groom shoes: @dydyshoes 

Yoruba Trad Wedding

Videography: @marvinfilm

Styling – @kwasee.official 

Bride Outfit: @deroyalfabrics 

Groom Outfit: @diqsontaylor 

Mua: @blush_makeup 

Gele: @ennygelecraft 

Groom shoes: @dydyshoes 

Event Planner: @regalnroyal_events 

Decor: @dandaevents

The White Wedding

Videography – @marvinfilm 

Groom Outfits: @diqsontaylor

Bride Outfit: @maibecca 

Mua: @blush_makeup 

Hair: Oludavid

Decor: @dandaevents

Event Planner: @regalnroyal_events



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