Ijogbon movie review: Stream or Skip?

Happy Sunday lovelies and longtime no movie reviews, who else missed our reviews as much as we missed writing it? 🙋🏾‍♀️ Nowww, onto the business of the day, have you seen Ijogbon currently streaming on Netflix? Is it a stream or skip? Keep reading to find out!

Ijogbon is about the story of 4 teenagers from the village of Oyo Oke, in the western part of Nigeria. These teenagers miraculously found uncut diamonds and if they had known the wahala it would cause them, they would have looked away.

Unsurprisingly, no one leaves their missing diamonds without caring to go back for them. These people came in the guise of investors and to develop the town of Oyo Oke, but the real aim was to get their missing diamonds at all costs. 

This movie had a lot of potential from the beginning, as expected of a Kunle Afolayan movie, but it didn’t meet the expectations. It honestly wasn’t a bad movie, it was okay, I enjoyed it, but there were just some things.

What worked? The cinematography was really good, the set, the acting was quite alright too. What didn’t work? There were so many contradictions and loose ends; we needed some background stories that made the movie all over the place. We didn’t understand what happened to Teju, why did he steal the diamonds. What about the investors, what was the essence of the white man in that movie? 

Shall we talk about how the teenagers were all acting like adults? They were kids from the village, how did they know about who to meet for Canada relocation? Which teenager even thinks about japaing on their own? They were acting like adults more than teenagers. How did they not even feel remorseful for a minute? All those killings and they were just normal. They never even realized the consequences of actually picking up the diamonds, even Oby that threw them away was because they were fighting not because they were stolen. 

The moral lessons from the movie weren’t missed, and honestly it had great potential, things probably just didn’t work as Kunle Afolayan planned it. However it’s an okay movie and we’d be rating it a 5.5/10. Should you watch or skip? You can watch if you don’t mind or you could skip if you want something else! It’s currently available on Netflix and you can watch the trailer on YouTube here.

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