Ijakumo: The Born Again Stripper Review (3/10)

Hi lovelies, have you seen “Ijakumo: The Born Again Stripper”? Every review I’ve seen about this movie hasn’t been good, and of course I had to check it out to know if they were right or not. Ladies and gents, they were right! The movie had so many unanswered questions, it even felt like an insult to our intelligence at some point. Although it had some good parts and it was obvious they tried to give us something good, unfortunately it wasn’t a hit.

In summary, Ijakumo: The Born Again Stripper is about a woman trying to get revenge for her past. The title is even misleading, because the story had nothing to do with the stripper and more about Ashabi’s revenge. Ashabi had plotted with Sharon or perhaps Mary to help her get a revenge on Olajide, her former lover whom she had helped succeed.

Would give it to them though, this movie had great cinematography and the story looked like it had great potential from the beginning, however, it didn’t deliver to be honest. It seemed like Kunle Remi was the only one carrying the movie, and he got tired at some point.

I really have sooo many questions that didn’t get answered throughout the movie. I ended the movie confused. Honestly, this isn’t an agenda trying to bring down the movie, but you know we are honest here and say things as they are. 

Many things annoyed me in this movie, but one thing that stands out is the Mary and Sharon twist. They could have just left it as the same person playing both roles, because the twist wasn’t twisting. So were they saying Mary was called Sharon at the church and she was okay with it?

Also, what was the syndicate’s role? What is their operation? Who are they? What’s the new kidney disease they were talking about? How did they help Jide and how was Bimbo Akintola his god? We know it was the Baba in Ife that helped him, so why was she talking about being his god?

It was nice seeing some of the old faces like Segun Arinze, Antar Laniyan and co, but why were they just “Waka pass” in the movie? Why was Jide carrying a thumbdrive in his pocket? I thought the guy calling him brother was his bestie or something? How did he become his younger bro? Why didn’t Ashabi just disappear and go pick up the thumb drive since she had that much power? What was that scene in “heaven” with her father? So many things in the movie would make you laugh out loud and shake your head at the same time.

Ijakumo seemed like it would have great potential, but sadly it didn’t deliver. We’re rating this movie a 3/10, and it’s available on Netflix if you would like to see it.

What are your thoughts about the movie, have you seen it? Would you be seeing it? What do you think of the review? 

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