How to stay calm while planning your wedding: 9 Tips that would really help

Whether you’ve decided to plan your wedding or hired a planner to do their magic, there’s no stopping your emotions from running wild from expectations and reality. Whilst getting engaged and married are such exciting experiences, planning a wedding can be so stressful and nerve-racking. From picking wedding colors to getting family members to cooperate, oh, dear bride-to-be, you need these tips to stay calm whilst planning your big day now more than ever. Read on for 9 tips that would help:

1. Breathe

I know it sounds cliche, but really, breathe. When things get overwhelming, breathe; things are not going as you planned, breathe; when family members are acting crazy, breathe; your partner isn’t being helpful, breathe; it’s looking like your tailor doesn’t want to make heaven, just breathe.

Taking deep breaths can calm your thoughts, you need to stay calm, things will always work out and it’s going to be an amazing day.

2. Hire a planner

Honestly, there’s nothing that relieves you of wedding planning stress than hiring a wedding planner if you can afford it. While we’ve acknowledged recently that there are some planners going to hell –the ones after wedding jollof and money, there are still very good planners out there that would deliver your “dream wedding” perfectly, you just have to find them. 

Hire a planner if you can, saves a lot of stress.

3. Communicate

Communication can not be overemphasized! Your main cause of stress could be parents trying to make the wedding their own, inlaws doing crazy things and just trying to steal your show or whatever person causing you stress; you need to speak up. You need to communicate how you feel with them, it’s your wedding, your day and everything should be as you want, well except it’s a threat to humanity, then everyone can have a say.

Other than that, communicate with who is stressing you, you might have to make compromises to be honest, but let yourself be heard. 

What’s the worst that could happen when you talk to them?

4. Accept all the help you can get

If you are planning your wedding yourself or even using a planner, you still need all the help you can get. It’s all going to be too much for you. Accept help from family, friends, anyone that genuinely wants to help you. This would really help you a great deal.

5. Take breaks

Give yourself a break from all the wedding planning. Do other things you love, watch movies, read a book, go spend some time out alone or with friends, just stop. Stop thinking “wedding” for a while, remember “overthinking no dey solve problem” or in your case, over-stressing won’t solve the problem.

6. Celebrate your little wins

When fear or negative thoughts are creeping in, focus on the things you’ve gotten done towards the planning so far. You already achieved a lot and the other things left to be done would be sorted out too. 


7. Stay positive

So many things could be happening to make it seem like your wedding won’t happen, it would happen, trust me, it’s just the stress talking. Stay positive, everything will work out. Stop overthinking too, it’s going to be a great day.

8. Spend time with your partner

It’s “your wedding”, as in both of you. Don’t ignore your partner whilst you are planning the wedding, you need to do this together. Spending time talking about wedding unrelated things would help too. Just be with your man, go on a date, watch movies together and just be yourselves.

9. Pray

Sis, just do your best and leave the rest for God o! Do your part, pray about it and let Him handle the rest. After praying, eat well, sleep well, exercise and stay happy. Your wedding is going to be beautiful, trust me.❤️

Did you find that helpful? Let me know in the comments, I would be reading.

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