How to Look Confident in Clothes after Childbirth

Research has shown that about 80% of women struggle with self confidence in clothes after having a baby. Which is a large number to begin with; but also a confirmation to mums beating themselves up about, their postpartum bodies, that they are not alone.

Frankly, mama it is somewhat normal to feel the way you are feeling right now. Is it an excuse or okay to remain in that overwhelming state? No. Can something be done about it? Or can you ever feel better? The answer is Yes!

That is why today, I will be sharing three(3) secrets to restoring confidence in how we look in clothes after having a baby. Honestly, there is no straight jacket answer to this, has it deals more with our state of mind. And we all deal with things differently. Nonetheless, my points below are definitely a step in the right direction.

Self acceptance 

This is more of a Mindset thing, but it is imperative to our looking confident in clothes. Essentially, this requires us to accept the current body changes first, and then come up with a working strategy where possible.

For example, our big mummy tummy, a great strategy could be coming up with a diet plan or an exercise routine to reduce the size. For those that have permanent body changes e.g. stretch marks, lets come to terms with this, and learn to  love ourselves unconditionally.

This is because, the earlier we do the faster we can gain back our all round confidence, and in our clothes too. In summary, let’s just say, we need to accept somethings, make changes were necessary and love ourselves, regardless.

Work with your Personal style

Working with our personal style makes a whole lot of difference, with or without even having a baby. This is because it is critical to any woman’s sense of style or style confidence in clothes.

In essence, knowing our personal style helps us focus on what works best for us. It also gives us clarity, and helps focus on what will helps us feel and look confident.

Basically, the goal here is focus on wearing outfits you know looks good on you already; makes you comfortable; and fits into your kind of Style!. Because thats only when we can step out in confidence. For instance, I love and look good in Tees and Jeans, I should be wearing more of that! What looks and makes you feel good?

Stay Positive with the Words

Our words can make or break us, and with everything that may be going on, it is very easy to stay negative unconsciously. And I get it, but dwelling on it grows and validates negativity, which will affect how we present ourselves out there. This also applies to even when we are in clothes we love. Rather, we can approach the situation a bit more differently.

For instance, we can say my tummy looks flabby, but I will get a flat one soon enough. I can do the work; It will take time but it is doable etc.c. Now that’s a better affirmation, it gives you hope.

I hope you learnt a few things from this article and if you enjoyed reading this post, then you should read this👇

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