How to Be Stylish  at Work

Ever struggle to look great or stylish to work? Do you ever feel like nothing you put together does not really help you achieve your desired goal? If you feel this way, you are lucky to be reading this, as today I will be highlighting five(5) simple tips you can start applying right now, to appear much stylish at your workplace, meeting or a professional setting. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Wear Smart Heels

Apart from work environments where casual looks are accepted, heels are essential for any typical work space. However, my tip here is, opt for smart heels i.e., those between 2-3 inches high. This will help you last longer in your shoes. Good example of smart work stylish shoes include Court shoes and Sling-back heels.

Own a Power Longline Blazer

Blazers are way cooler than anyone can even imagine. Besides being an essential for any wardrobe, they are timeless and versatile. Thus, if you don’t own one, you should definitely get yourself one, preferably a black or navy one for starters. Blazers are a must because they instantly elevate any look e.g., a dress, tees and jeans, a Jumpsuit, oversized clothings etc.

Wear natural Makeup

When it comes to wearing makeup in a work place, I strongly believe the principle of less is more should be applied here. In order words, avoid the heavy makeup and adopt the subtle looks. You are sure going to appear much classy and cooler this way.

Wear Sleeved Clothes

This is debatable, but I strongly and commonly advise pieces with sleeves for work, as sleeveless outfits tend to appear more casual than professional. For instance, silk camis worn underneath a blazer look more professional than wearing it alone.

Incorporate few colorful pieces

Common office looks I see around tend to stick more to neutral or basic colours, which is not bad. However, to stand out and appear more stylish than others,  occasionally throw in bold colours, with the neutral looks. For example, carry a Wine Bag with that Grey dress, you will definitely be noticed and your confidence will improve.

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