How to become a Yummy Mummy

Most women would love to be yummy mummies. In my experience, what really works are those personal desires. For me it was not wanting to disappoint myself; not wanting to feel small at gatherings; being able to speak my mind when I want to; and because my kids are watching. However, behind all of these, there has been consistency and intentionality.

I am saying all these, to let every mum reading this to know that they can be style confident, AKA Yummy Mummy. It may not be easy but it is possible.

Secondly, style confidence can be learnt with the right attitude, and definitely does not require special features or a perfect body. With that being said, below are qualities you require if you would like to become a “Yummy Mummy” as well.



Nothing beats determination and a goal. This is important because with that in mind, we get to want to be intentional about anything, for example our looks. For me the little acts i became intentional about brought compliments, which made me feel better about myself overtime. It also left me motivated me daily.

For instance I became intentional about my nails, accessorizing, wearing ironed clothes, having clean/ trimmed nails, carrying a tidy hair etc. You thinking about where to start from? Start here!

Be Ready to do the Work

Secondly, it is not enough to get inspired by great contents or talk, listening or admiring stylish women or watching fashion videos, you will need more than that.

For body goals, we must be ready to eat right and do our exercises. It is also not ok to compare yourself to another who is putting in the work, move at your own pace but diligently. When it comes to your outfits, you need to apply the right knowledge, for example knowing what outfits will flatter you and so on.

Love yourself


Being a yummy a mummy is more than wearing the right outfit. It starts with how you feel about yourself first, because the clothes never really make us feel good about ourselves. It starts with how you feel up there. Thus, love Yourself Mama unconditionally (with those insecurities) because that’s when you would truly experience a great and happy life with your body and style.

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