How can Ms.Asoebi help you?

Hi Lovelies,

Haven built such a wonderful and supportive community, we would love to be as helpful to our community members as you’ve been to one another and our brand. So in a survey we asked the “What can Ms.Asoebi help you with?”

With the responses received, we have realised we’ll have more impact building forums on our blog where people can always refer to the needed information, as opposed to putting it all on instagram. But to make this work we’ll need to improve our blog, would you please kindly click on the “FEEDBACK FORM” tab below to give us feedback? We’ll really appreciate this .


Please click on “FEEDBACK FORM” above to help us know how to improve this page before we start the forums.

Thank you so much!!

Below is a link to the Instagram post with the responses from the earlier survey.

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