Highlights of the week.

Hi there lovelies! Cheers to the weekend and merry Christmas to you in advance.

Without taking much of your time, highlights of the week is our newest addition to our blog. Here, we take a recap on all the internet breaking things that has happened in our drama filled backyard(Nigeria) this includes the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. Let’s have it shall we?🤸‍♀️

Some good news lovelies!!

Argentina won the World Cup tournament in a rather fierce, bottle-neck match between  them and France last Sunday. Lovelies, you would agree with me that even non-football fans felt the heat that came from the suspense that match gave. While Argentina fans are thankful to Messi for their win, France’s fan insists that Mbappe was the man of the match as he also goes home with the golden boot trophy.

Let’s not forget that 001 came through for his finale performance at Qatar bringing us to the end of the World Cup. In addition to that,  our baby posted on instagram on the same day and made history as the most liked picture on Nigerian-instagram. Welcome back Davido!

Via @hollywoodunlock

Rihanna finally showed us her baby’s face and boy he looks like mommy’s carbon copy! A whole cutie! 

While we were not done drooling over that, actress, Iyabo Ojo shares the face of the Igbo man that captured her yoruba heart with us. And guess who it was?  It’s Paulo you guys! Paulo of upfront and personal management. Now we all know how lovable Iyabo is, we can’t help but be happy for our good sis!


It was reported there was a disruption by some hoodlums, this led to a stampede at Asake’s last concert in London. This claimed the lives of a couple of people including Ms Rebecca Ikumelo, leaving many others injured. The artiste has tendered multiple apologies and even reached out to the families of the bereaved. He continues to express his deep hurt as he still paid a tribute to them at his show in Nigerian last night.

Right after this was comedian, Basket-mouth announcing the end of his 12 years marriage to his wife, Elsie Okpocha. Well even though this came from basketmouth himself, a lot of people are hoping it’s just one of his expensive jokes

We are tired…..😪

On this week’s episode of we are tired lovelies, we have the former presidential aspirant and actor, Yul Edochie, explaining his marital actions and choices to us for the 200th time.  I know his folks are more tired than we are at this point. 

Now those lovelies, are the internet breaking events we had this week, in case you have missed out on any tea, I hope this post fills you in well enough! Ciao for now guys! Do have a lovely Christmas weekend!

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