Highlights of the week, Vol.2

Hi there lovelies! It’s the weekend, it’s the month end and it’s the end of the year! While all of this excites us to the bones! We are more excited for the highlights of the week! 

If you were kept away from the media by Christmas chores, office work or motherly duties, here is the universe giving you a good chance to catch up on all the tea you must have missed while you were away. The good, the sad, and the eye-rolling violence, let’s have it!

Bobrisky vs papaya ex…

I don’t know how this makes you feel, but on a random Tuesday, while the rest of the world was reflecting on how they spent their year and strategizing on how to make the next one more productive, mummy of Lagos was out and about dragging social media influencer on the type of guests she chose to invite to her own house wedding. According to him, he would never fill his party with “ordinary” instagram skit makers as she did. While the tantrum made it to the blogs, the folks seems to have had enough of bob’s unprovoked cyber attacks.

celebrity homes

Recall that on Christmas Day, some fathers were found fashionably absent in their family’s Christmas shoot. Two of such were the actor, Yul edochie and comedian, Basket Mouth. While there was no reaction from the latter, a video surfaced on the internet during the week. Where the comedian and his now estranged wife were asked what could lead to their divorce and both agreed that  divorce was the last thing on their mind or plate. It would never happen. 

On Yul’s side, we did get some drama guys. Now this is what happened. On the 25th of December, May Yul-edochie uploaded beautiful Christmas pictures of herself and her kids. The internet loved it and talked about it, while a lot of people noticed Yul’s loud absence. This was quickly followed by a photoshopped version which included Yul, his other woman, and her baby.  This version was created by Judy’s friend and actress, Sarah martins and was captioned “beautiful family….as it should” well she got dragged, Yul also got dragged for his comment on the post. The people are tired.

Original picture

Photoshopped version

Like the drama of the previous week was not enough, Judy Austin (Yul’s other woman) in appraisal of herself as she prepares for her birthday wrote “the apple of her husband’s eyes” oh well…. Like I said before, the folks are tired.


Whew! Lovelies! Congratulations to BBN’s Queen Mercy Anyang as she’s expecting her first child with skit maker, Lord Lamba. Since we’re on to BBN ladies, it’ll be good to mention that Ifuenanda and Tega Dominic brought their sexy upon us this week! What’s your take guys? 

Alex ekubo….

In another news, recall that Alex Ekubo’s fiancée, Fancy Acholonu called off their engagement earlier this year, well it looks like they’re getting back together, as she tendered an apology to him and his family with an interesting hashtag #falexxforever. As always Nigerians have a lot to say on why he should take her back and why he shouldn’t. 

Wedding bells in Nollywood.

Actress, Omowunmi Dada and Sylvanus Nkitu gets engaged. Congratulations Queen!

Heaven gained Angels and legends.

Legendary Brazilian footballer Pele, British fashion designer Vivienne Westwoods and broadcaster Barbara Walters all passed away at the ages of 82, 81 and 93 respectively.

Sadly and infuriating however, a trigger-happy Nigerian police man identified as Drambi Vandi shot a pregnant Nigerian lawyer, Bolanle Raheem dead on the 25th of December. This news is triggering on so many levels because how are we getting killed by the same people that swore to protect us??? Abimbola was the only child of her mother, she was a happy wife, who was 8 months pregnant with her twins after waiting for 8 years, she was a mother of an eight years old child. Nobody deserves to have their happiness cut short as Vandi  did to Bolanle and her family. This is one of the many lives that have been wasted by members of the Nigerian police force. The people have pleaded, and even protested for a police reform but like always, the government turned deaf ears. We demand justice for Abimbola and her family. 

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