Highlights of August!

Lovelies!!! It’s an official welcome into the ember months. It’s been a long a journey, we’re grateful and surely looking forward to a more pleasant latter part.

August was a lot of things, but surely wasn’t boring. On the whole, I’ll call it a good month even though I got mercilessly drenched in rain a couple of times.

To the scoop of the day, let’s talk about how August went down, we had the wow, oops and urrrgghh moments especially from the entertainment industry.  In much the same vein, there were fresh hot twitter topics you may have missed as well as the infamous what we ordered Vs what we got. 

Let’s dig in shall we?

Hottest twitter topic: japa plans. 

Now the hottest twitter topic in August focused on people not telling their friends about their japa plans until they are already out of the country. While some people found it normal, since we are in a country where village people are very active, others insists that they will break that friendship since there’s no trust.  What’s your take on this lovelies?

What we ordered vs what we got episode.

In every month, there’s always that vendor that was told to do A but chose to do Z. This month, we had a lot of them but we crowned this the winner.

Beauty Tukura gets disqualified over misconduct in BBN house.

After getting one strike on the first week of the show, the beauty queen bagged two extra strike in the second week. This happened after an altercation with her fellow housemate, who doubled as her boyfriend, Groovy. In the process of this altercation, she damaged Biggie’s mic and also hit an housemate; two offences punishable by strike.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson splits after 9 months of dating.

Oh well, I would like to believe we all saw this coming or you didn’t lovelies? 

The Nigerian government confirms 1.4 billion for the purchase of bikes for Niger.

There is nothing more infuriating than living under a government that doesn’t even see her citizens let alone care about them. There are 1001 things wrong with Nigeria. Varsity students have been home for 7 solid months, there is insecurity all over the country too, nowhere is safe, the economy is sinking but helping Niger tackle her insecurities is their priority??

Nigeria bans the use of white models in adverts.

Another infuriating case, Nigerian government works on everything except the actual problems. It explains why almost everyone is leaving.

Bnxn and rUger picks a fight on twitter.

This was really funny because nobody knows why they’re fighting. And even if we did, we won’t be picking sides because we love them both so they will be fine.

Tuface Idibia impregnates another woman

Word on the streets is that our living legend is expecting his 8th child from a woman who is not Annie Idibia. Recall that just earlier this year, after the reality show Young, Famous and African aired, the couple renewed their marital vows and declared their unquenchable love towards each other.  The question now is what happened from then till now? And why? But then again, it’s none of our business.

Toyin Lawani shares that she miscarried her unborn baby.

We hope that the lord will help her heal from this agonizing trauma and restore her loss. 

Biyi Bandele kicks the bucket.

The director of “Half of a yellow sun”, originally written by Chimamanda Adichie, passed on the 9th of August. He was 54 years old. May his soul Rest In Peace. In much the same vein, Nollywood actress, Red Vigor loses her dad who has been her very good support system.  May the lord grant her the fortitude to bear this loss. 

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