Highlights of June:

We draw the curtains to the first half of the year today. I don’t know if it was just me but June was amazing. Not doing too much, just came to pat your back in the way a father would, his sojourning son. “You have done well so far my child, you can catch your breath here before you continue”.  This was how June felt to me, hopefully you guys can relate too. 

That said let’s refresh our minds on what supped on the online space in the last 30 days.

Lady dies from plastic surgery

A lady called out a hospital in Lagos for allegedly killing her friend in the course of a cosmetic procedure. Her claim was that an inexperienced doctor mal-handled the butt lifting surgery her late friend desired. 

That was a sad one. But what was more saddening in the situation was the reaction of Nigerian internet users. I saw a lot of “good for her” “Be contented with what God gave you” etc etc, and I was appalled!  How do people place morality before empathy and humanity?? Just how? Your moral standards may not align with the idea of getting your body enhanced surgically,  but come on, nobody deserves to die just because they wanted a hotter body. Nobody.

Ondo  Catholic Church massacre

This is a really distressing situation. That in a nation with government, the people can’t even gather for ceremonial purposes. Although, this happened barely a month, the whole nation  have moved on. The dead buried, the initial outburst and anger of the people, faded away and the government is yet to bring the culprits too book. Getting away with crimes must be very easy in Nigeria. 

Emma rose ship tanks

The BBN SYE reunion held in the same month and one of its major highlight is the collapse of the Emma-rose ship. 

I mean this was the littlest ship of the season, with their shippers pampering them with every kind of gift possible. 

Well well well, during the reunion we discovered that the ship capsized months ago after Liquorose caught Emmanuel cheating on her in Dubai. 

BAT becomes the flag bearer for APC

In much the same vein, it became clearer that it is Atiku for PDP and Peter Obi for labor party. Although Peter Obi appears to have more supporters online, it will be good to remember that polling units are neither on Instagram nor twitter. GER YOUR PVC and make sure you come out to vote.

Bobrisky’s house-warming party:

The very controversial cross-dresser finally celebrated his much talked about house warming party after 6 solid months. As expected, the event was bigger than a wedding, and you trust Bob not I’ll never forget to give us the breakdown of what each item costs. His mansion, 400 million. And his castle cake cost him 200. Although words on the street is that apart from the first tier, the ones eat of the cake was a dummy.

And yet again, vendors are calling out the millionaire cross dresser to pay them their thousands.🌚

Daddy Freeze and other woke Nigerians picks beef with Jesus.

On a blessed sunny day in June, minister Nathaniel Bassey led his followers to put up a picture that reads Jesus on the display picture on all apps. This wasted no time to go viral as almost everyone had the picture on their DP.

You would never expect anyone to have a problem with Jesus trending but of course Daddy Freeze seems to think you can’t perform your civic duties and still post Jesus. 

Lori Harvey and Michael Jordan quits

This one pain me!!🌚 I was the third person in the relationship, I enjoyed the ship so much I didn’t expect them to split so quickly, or at all, but we meuve!

Tems wins best international act of BET

Cha cha eke Faani, separates from husband.

Recall that in 2022, the actress came online to announce her separation from her husband on account of domestic violence. About two days later, she went back on her words, announcing that she has been diagnosed of bipolar illness. Well, two years later, she’s taking the courageous step of walking our alive. 

 Regina Daniel’s and husband welcomes second child.

EFCC to sentence yahoo boy landlords to  15 years imprisonment.

To be very honest with you lovelies, this is a ridiculous and hilarious one! 

The United state bans abortion.

Another laughable yet annoying thing! This is so wrong on so many levels that we can’t even begin to talk about. But what conversation do you want to have with a sentimental person? It’s pure stress.

Funke Akindele’s second marriage crashes.

Earlier today, the actress’ husband announces his separation from his wife. We don’t know what happened behind closed doors, but a lot of online in-law and hit takers have had one unsolicited contribution or the other to make so far.

So that lovelies, brings us to the end of June, not too much drama innit?🌚 which important one did I leave out? Tell us in the comments.😌

Ciao for now😌❤️

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