Highlights of July.

Hey hey lovelies!! It’s that time of the month where we catch up on all the tea of the month! The good, the sad, the drags, and oh well let’s include then ones we react to with a shrug.

Let’s have it shall we?

The good

Teni got married, well, not so married, it was a music video but boy she looked so breathtakingly gorgeous in that dress! Jlo also tied the knot with her first love Ben Afleck. In addition to that, American star couple Big Sean and Jhene Aiko are expecting their first child together. While we’re being jolly, congratulations to DJ cuppy  as she rounded up her PHD thesis within the month. 

In much the same vein, Mr Adeleke, our very own Davido’s uncle becomes the governor of Osun state. The news was the clout of the month! The whole nation seemed to have wanted this to happen and this is a reminder to us once again lovelies, GET YOUR PVC! 

The sad

Nollywood actress, Ada ameh passes on after after suffering a slump. Losing her hurts but we can only pray that her soul rests In Peace. 

Dollar increases to a whooping sum of N710 against Naira.  This is disheartening you guys! It’s so depressing, saving in dollar doesn’t even cut it anymore because you will come to spend it in the same Naira you are avoiding like a plague. 

Husband of late singer Osinachi escapes from prison. I don’t even know what to say about this, I find it so annoying!

Omah Lay opens up about battling with depression. Stanley baby, we hope you take some time out till you feel better, we your wives are rooting for you!😘

The drags

In a podcast with Nedu, ‘stray bullet’ apparently hit BBN star Ike bbn Onyeoma after his ex, Mercy eke, mentioned that she once dated someone she was taking care of. IK wasn’t having it, as he took to his Instagram page days later, making mention of everyone in the podcast, he warned that his ex desists from playing with his name in the media otherwise he will spill a lot of things which will not only be detrimental to her but to the show as well.

Whatever that means, I genuinely hope she doesn’t stop so we can get some national secrets tea!😮‍💨🤌

Still in the spirit of drags, ex BBN housemate, flaunts her boyfriend Kevin. Recall that in 2021,  popular socialite, Cubana chief priest had called Maria out for snatching his sister husband Kevin and even threatening the wife. Well as the reality star decided to flaunt the same man, she rekindled the fire and submitted herself as a tiger generator to the bird app folks. While at it, she mentioned that she has no intentions to get married at all. 

Efe and Noble Igwe comes first each other’s throats once again after the former involved him in a rap battle, you guys this was so funny!🤣🤣

The ones we shrugged at

The 7th season of the most talked about reality show commenced and biggie seems to hve some tricks up his sleeves. Two houses?? My own is that the guys at the less attractive house, what did they do to deserve that?😒 is it that they bought a cheaper form or something. 

Well, I haven’t had the time to sit and watch the show, but words on the street is that it’s a lot better than that of last year, so I hope y’all have fun watching! 

Ps: all photos are obtained via Instagram @thecommentsection.

Ciao for now!😌❤️

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