Highlights: Hot gists and Drama from September.

Like play like play, we have gulped down one of the ember months and in less than 100 days, we will be saying ba-bye to 2022! Whew!! What an honor to have made it so far!

Anyway lovelies!! You already know what this segment of our blog does, I mean, everybody’s favorite part of the month, HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH! 

September came bearing cruise and drama, add an extra cup of drama cos whuuuttt? Within 30 days we had fresh hot drama, revisited old and residual dramas and old dramas birthed new dramas. I mean we have had more chaotic months, but this September says no to boredom, and we said cheers and amen to that. 

Let have all the scoop shall we?

Queen Elizabeth II kicks the bucket at 96

Now, let’s not say the Queen’s death was not the main issue. But then again, you would expect a completely different reaction from Nigerians after the queen passed on, Nigerians are a whole different breed I tell you. Lovelies, let’s relieve these hilarious reactions we got shall we?🤣 

Husband snatching scandal.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, and the day couldn’t get any hotter as lady drags Instagram socialite,  Sophia egbueje by her p*nties for ruining her marriage and subsequently breaking her once happy home. 

On her multiple post about how the situation unfolded, the lady points out that Sophie consistently mocks her to her face by flaunting her husband’s bracelet on Snapchat. Lovelies, guess the accused reaction to this allegations?  She proceeds to flaunt the same bracelet once more after getting called out. Well, we know there are always two sides of a coin, but we will just say this one thing; Queens shouldn’t do queens like that. Oh and, she did drag her husband too. 

Halima Abubakar’s relatives Drags apostle suleiman over her illness

NBS and her eX At each other’s Necks, Again.

Remember when I talked about residual drama resurfacing in the introductory paragraph? Well well well, we can’t exactly remember what triggered who, but lovelies, we got to see season 305 episode 6,897 of Nollywood actress, NBS and her most recent exes, online wars. Within the same month, the ex couple agreed to bury the hatchet which we pray to dear God that it remains buried this time around. 

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Cuppy gets one degree hotter!

And yikes! Give it up for our sweet girl for becoming an Oxford graduate! We appreciate her transparency with us all through her journey, the smooth and bumpy ride and we just want to say, we are proud of you Queen!

Take a quick look at this lovelies 👇

I’m starting to wonder if Binance pivoted into other ventures other than crypto because the  last time We checked, FG picked a beef with crypto for no reason.

Now moving back to the gists and dramas;

Chivido resumes!

Well, in the last couple of months, we’ve been having little birdies hinting in the possible reunion of the Chivido ship. Some people even believe that they never broke but now, away from sentiments and hearsay lovelies! It does look like our assurance ship is truly back as we have been seeing mama and papa Ifeanyi getting too buddy-cuddly around each other in the last few weeks.

Let’s not even mention the 001 and 002 diamond encrusted necklace they both have on these days.😩 we love to see it get to the alter this time! This writer is a shipper with her full chest even though this ship stresses me a lot! 

The ultimate bombshell!!

Of course we cannot exhaust all the drama’s but I will be doing you a disservice if we leave this one out.  

Just as we were about drawing the curtains to September you guys, at the very last minute! There comes this smoking hot gist seasoned with the people’s initial observation and speculations. A lady who identifies as the ex of recently evicted housemate, Sheggz calls him out for verbal and emotional abuse during their relationship.

Recall that a YouTube Vlog had leaked  about sheggz being an abusive partner just an hour after his entry into biggie’s house. Well, it does seem like this recent call out a follow up on that gist that initially wasn’t so clear. 

So lovelies, I know the highlight of this month has focused more on the gist and drama, but which hot gist or drama do you think we left out? Share with us in the comment section I’d be right there!

Ciao for now!.😌❤️

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