Glamour Girls Movie Review!

Happy Sunday lovelies! Have you seen glamour girls? I really don’t like badmouthing and criticising people’s work but I’m so sorry to say, that movie isn’t it. I feel like I wasted 2hrs of my life because I don’t even understand the moral of the story. Apparently, this new movie is a remake of the 1994 movie and ladies and gents, it’s not what you’d be expecting. Watch the trailer of Glamour girls 2022 here.

I’m here right now thinking, what did I just watch? What happened? Fine, they brought the glamour, oh there was a lot of glam, but the acting was really subpar.  What’s the story really about? Sis, I can’t say. I just know there were prostitutes and sugar daddies and fine fine ladies and nice outfits. 

This movie could have been soo much better, Nollywood has evolved more than this, and we don’t need movies taking us back in time. So much happened that would make you have that confused look on your face, like “what just happened”? It was really confusing. 

The cast development wasn’t it for me, it felt like we literally found ourselves in the middle of a story that we didn’t join from the beginning. Imagine people gisting and you join them in the middle for small amebo, but you don’t know where the story started from and you have to look for ways to catch up or just keep listening like that without understanding much. Yea, exactly like that.

We needed some background stories to understand the casts. How did Louise (Toke Makinwa) get married to a local man that was abroad and she was the one sending him money, how did that happen? Why was the rich girl Hel (Segilola Ogidan) doing what she was doing? What was Donna’s (Nse Ikpe Etim) story? Why was she treating her husband that way, for her to even ask Emma (Sharon Ooja) to sleep with him. There are so many questions that could have made us understand them better and get where they were coming from, but that wasn’t there. 

Another thing I didn’t like was the incomplete scenes or what would I call it? Who did Louise’s husband see when he came to her shop? What does he have on her that made him take the kids? How did Jemma (Joselyn Dumas) kill the accountant? What even happened when she opened the door? What about Sheggy and Emma, did he agree to just let his girl be sleeping with the boy boy like that? Or did they have something planned? They tried to add suspense, but that just made everything more confusing. 

I loveeeeed their dress sense tho, that’s like the only thing that kept me going, because I got really bored so many times in the movie, so sorry to say. 

By the way, what was that last scene? Who brings one hacker from no where to retrieve such huge amount of money when you know what’s at stake? How did two flash drives become three? When and how did Donna put a flash drive in her wig? How did $21bn split into $15bn and $6bn and when did that even happen when they were all in the room and still deliberating on what to do with the money? 

So many confusing things sha, it could have been a lot better. I love Nse Ikpe Etim and she’s a really good actress, Sharon too, but that movie wasn’t it. I’d rate a 5/10 because of the effort put into the movie and I’m a nice person, lol. If not ehn, maybe 3 or 4. It’s available on Netflix if you want to see it. 

It’s not so bad sha, but just don’t expect anything, watch with no expectations and you might enjoy it.

Have you seen Glamour girls? What do you think of my review, did you feel the same way? Would you like to see it if you haven’t? Share with us in the comments! 

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