Foreigner’s God Movie Review

Hi lovelies, Foreigner’s god will mess with your emotions, I advise you to have your tissues handy if you’re a “movie cryer”, because it had some really touching scenes. Oh, Happy Sunday! Who else loves how we share reviews and how everyone leaves their inputs about a movie on Sundays? Now let’s have Foreigner’s god movie review, you can watch the trailer here.

I saw foreigner’s god recently, and omo! That’s just all I can say. I honestly can’t say whether I enjoyed the movie or not, I’m still thinking about it. The story is about a white man’s journey to Umuchu, a village in the eastern part of Nigeria in quest of a mask for his documentary about the god named “Anyanwu”. He journeyed with his British assistant Ikenga who was actually a son of the soil, but was born in England.

His mission then changes after he saw how women were treated like slaves in their land. Everyone was tagged a witch for the littlest things. They were whipped, raped, burnt, tortured for being a “witch”.

Mr Pepper Claude, the white man never believed in the supernatural and didn’t believe witches were real. He questioned how only the females were witches, he fought for their justice, but in the end it didn’t work out. 

Ah, less I forget! He falls in love with Anya, “coincidentally” named after the god of light, who turned out to be a real witch. I’m sure this is now sounding confusing, because that was exactly the same way I was confused at the end!

Foreigner’s god could have actually been a really good movie, but it seems everyone got confused at some point and the whole thing didn’t play out like they wanted. The movie really had potential, I can’t lie, but how it turned out ehn! I think they were trying to make it more grand than it is and everything ended up not making much sense.

Shall we then talk about the accents? I don’t know what the aim was, but the accents were accenting. Was the 2hrs I spent seeing the movie worth it? I really can’t say. But I love how the movie is deeply rooted in culture. Igbo language was spoken equally as the English, and you would just love the show of culture. I loved that! 

They could have done better with the graphics though, the weeping wounds, the animal, thunder, and everything “supernatural” didn’t look great. Nollywood has evolved more than this, they could have done better. 

Popular actors you would see in the movie includes the likes of Pete Edochie, Eucharia Anunobi, Ini Dima-Okojie, Toni Tones, Nkem Owoh, Nancy Isime, Paul Sambo and so many others. Oh, by the way, don’t be deceived by the cover; some of those people in the cover were not in the movie!

Just to be fair, I’d just rate a 5 for the efforts they put into making the movie. Could have been lesser, but a 5/10 is alright too. Don’t know if I’d recommend it, but you can check it out if you want to!

Have you seen Foreigner’s god? What scenes did you like?What would you rate the movie? What do you think of my review? 

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