Finding Hubby 2 Movie Review

Happy Sunday movie lovers. It’s time for another movie reviewww!! Yesterday I saw Finding hubby 2 on Netflix, and I don’t really know how I feel about it. It wasn’t bad, but at this time, I’m still thinking of what to rate it. Maybe by the end of this post, we would have figured something out! 

Finding hubby 2 is a continuation of Finding hubby (obviously lol), so while I didn’t watch the first part, I didn’t think it would be really necessary, and yea, don’t think I missed much, it was pretty summarised in the beginning, so yea, we good. 

The story is about Oyin Clegg and her two friends (Toke & Gloria) trying to find their Prince Charming, but ended up meeting frogs. At the time, in part 1 Oyin (Ade Laoye—main character) was with her ex  Ade ( Efa Iwara), she thought they were going to end up together but he cheated on her and because she was heartbroken, her boss Ossy (who was super obsessed with her) sponsored her trip to Dubai. She met Yomi (a very rich guy) on her trip, and that’s how she almost entered a hot pot of soup! Oh, and Ossy got married to Gloria.

Noww, let’s start with the part 2 gist! Remember Yomi is a very rich guy, one day she went to his house, met him doing stuff with a man, and that’s how she found out he’s gay! He made a proposition to her to just marry him like that and she gets everything she ever desires. Monayy speaking! He only wanted an heir and she’d be a richhhh woman, so she had the tough decision to make. Whilst she was trying to decide, her ex Ade, showed up all remorseful, and it was with all annoyance of seeing him, she said she would marry Yomi.

Shey you know I said Ossy her boss was in love with her, that’s how he ruined her wedding at the church. He was against them getting married, you know when they ask the “who doesn’t want them to marry blah blah… question”. He stood up and said Yomi is gay and he was against the wedding, blah blah… This scene ehn, I legit thought it was a dream or it was just in her mind, because the way Yomi said “yes oo, I’m gay, and so? There won’t be a Mrs Kester-Jacobs today”, and left the altar. In my mind I was like Peleee😂. Turns out the scene happened and that’s how the thing with Yomi ended o. It was a blessing in disguise sha.

Anyways, she decided to move on after all the tears and everything. She went back to work and that’s when she heard Ossy had resigned. That’s how she started getting gifts from a secret admirer. Turns out it was Ossy!! The Ossy married to her friend, Gloria! Ah, men are scum! The annoying part was he was also abusing Gloria. She was getting hit almost every time, even to the point she had a miscarriage, chai! 

They decided to treat his f!ck up though, they humiliated him and Gloria was rescued from him. Well well, our Mr Ade showed up too, that guy was serious, he does not give up. She ended up giving him a chance, I would have too and they lived happily ever after!!

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I love the friendship between the ladies and how everything worked out well for them at the end. The other friend Toke also got engaged to someone. Though he was younger than her by 8 years, but they had a good thing going. And while they all didn’t get what they wanted as in the case of Gloria, she survived an abusive marriage, which was awesome. I also liked how Oyin insults in Yoruba, it was very funny. 

Finding hubby 2 wasn’t bad like I said, the storyline was weak in my opinion though, it was just alright. I didn’t really enjoy it, because it seemed like a lot of effort wasn’t put into it and the cinematography wasn’t that great to me. The actors tried though, you would see popular faces like Tina Mba, Kehinde Bankole, and some others.

Would I recommend the movie? Maybe. I’d rate it a 5/10 for the efforts they put into it. You can see it on Netflix if you want to! Seethe trailer here.

Have you seen the movie? What do you think of this finding hubby 2 movie review? Also, would you like to see it if you haven’t? What parts did you enjoy or didn’t enjoy about the movie? Tell us in the comments.

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