Fashionable Brides From The Weekend #65

Who has missed our weekly dose of fashionable brides? We know you have!

Every week, we’re blown away by the gorgeous ladies who walk down the aisle in their fabulous wedding attires. And it’s no wonder—the brides we see are always so stylish and confident! We just can’t get enough of them.

We’ve been seeing so many gorgeous ladies lately, that we can hardly keep up. This week was no different—we saw ladies that made us want to get married all over again (or at least start planning🤗).

We’re taking a look at some of our favorite fashionable brides from the weekend. Let us know your favorites in the comments.

White Weddings

Traditional Weddings

We know all these ladies ate and left no crumbs, but whose look is doing it for you? Whose look would you be rocking if you were getting married tomorrow? Let’s know in the comments!

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