“Far from home”review (9/10)

Compliments of the season dear lovelies, have you seen “Far from home”? I saw it recently and couldn’t wait to talk about it with you, I loved it. I know this review is long overdue, sorry for keeping you waiting!

“Far from home” is about Ishaya Bello, a young, talented guy from the slums of Lagos, who believes he must achieve his dreams of becoming a successful artist at all costs.

He had initially won an apprenticeship with his role model in London, but due to his poor background and financial constraints, he could not make it.

And then there was Wilmer Academy, a school for young elites in Lagos—the 1 percent of the 1 percent, yea. Ishaya’s sister, Rahila had always dreamed of becoming a student at Wilmer. When an opportunity to become a scholarship student at the school presented itself, of course she would grab it; except it wasn’t a scholarship for those that actually needed it.

In the quest for Ishaya to raise money for his dreams, family and everything else, he got involved in the wrong crowd which would cause him a lot of trouble later! One day at his cleaning job, he overheard his boss and son talking about the scholarship entrance exam answers, trust the Lagos guy to be sharp nowww. 

His sis was against cheating and when Ishaya got to know the scholarship would be coming with a $10,000 grant, before you would blink twice, he registered. Now imagine his shock when they told him his balance after all expenses was 5,000 naira!! Okay that part was really funny. Someone that was already planning japa-ing with the money, lol.

He had to stay at Wilmer and before we knew it, he was already a star boy— doting on the school queen (those ones that always have a cheating boyfriend, yea!); being top of the art class, and even working with the “bad guys” to sell drugs in school.

I kind of feel like he could have used the opportunity better though, he could have been a better son and friend, but I guess there’s no going back when you get involved in people like that. Even though things worked out for him at the end, he hurt a lot of people.

A wholeee lot more happened, I’m trying not to give off everything in case you haven’t seen it, but it’s a really good one. I had no issue with the story line, I mean I was hooked from the first episode and couldn’t wait to see how it all plays out.

I’m a fan of those kinds of high school movies like Elite and Blood & water, so seeing our Nigerian version really made me happy. I loveeeed Far from home. The storyline, the casts, the cinematography, the infusion of Yoruba, the background Afro music, everything was just screaming class!!!! They all really played the elitist roles perfectly to me.

Far from home was beautifully casted— like they did a great job selecting the persons for each role and they brought their A-games. I had no issue with them being older, I mean people that play high school roles in foreign movies most of the time are wayyy older, so let’s cut them some slack and give accolades where due, it was a beautiful movie.

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What I didn’t really like was the ending ish. Why did they have to arrest Mr Government like that? He still seemed kind of better than Oga Rambo, they could have arrested him instead, but how would there be a second season right?! 

I also didn’t like how Ishaya confessed that way, that part kind of seemed rushed and not well thought through. Like so after everything you would just confess like that? Not considering the people you’re dealing with? Omo. At the same time he wanted to save his babe/ not babe, so, anything for love, I guess. 

Oh, I had scenes I didn’t like, for instance those scenes of Ishaya’s father staring, he was dulling the vibes. All in all, it was a really great watch and I would totally recommend it. I can’t wait for the second season and the plot twist for Rambo— revenge served cold!

Far from home is a 9/10 for me, what would you rate it? You can watch the series on Netflix in case you would like to see it. Also watch the trailer here

Have you seen “far from home”? Can we talk about how fineeeeee Reggie is, he was kind of my highlight of the movie. Ishaya’s friend Michael is a friend you would want to have; a ride or die. What do you think of the movie? What do you think of my “far from home” review? Is the rating good or not? Let us know in the comments. 

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