Family Switch Movie Review: Stream or Skip?

Happy Sunday lovely lovelies and welcome to December!!! What says welcome to December better than Christmas movies??! I’m such a lover of Christmas movies and I’ve been waiting on this season all year, now the time is here and yes, we had to do this review— a short break from Nollywood, most especially cause of the last movie we saw- if you don’t get it, fogetabourrit. 😂 Don’t get me wrong, Nollywood has been smashing all year and they’ve been giving us really great movies back to back, but a little break isn’t bad, yes?

Family Switch is not like your regular cheesy Christmas movie. You know those ones where someone moves from the city to the suburbs and falls in love with one man/woman loved by everyone and has a young kid that does the pairing… do you get? Lol. Those ones where you know the end from the beginning, and you’re rolling your eyes but still love the cheesiness. Family switch is just about family… switching.

The Walkers were having the usual family issues, arguments here and there, no one agreeing with each other, you know the typical stuff with most families with teenage kids. They accidentally switch bodies with each other during a rare planetary alignment and have to find their ways to navigate life and get back to their original bodies. It was a really weird and funny thing, but it made them closer which was the point. The goal was to “mend what was broken” according to a weird Santa-ish woman. And they did just that!

It was an interesting watch and a nice one to usher you into the Christmas season. Would I recommend it— absolutely! What worked? Everything in my opinion. It didn’t drag on for too long, it was just funny, nice and simple. You should watch it, it’s available on Netflix. Here’s a link to the trailer.

Have you seen this movie, what are your thoughts? Is it a stream or skip? Let’s know in the comments!

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