Esther & Victor’s Love Till Infinity!

Love Story Shared By Esther:

We were in the same platoon in NYSC Camp and stole glances here and there but didn’t really talk properly to each other until the last day of camp when Victor asked for my number (even though he claims it was the other way around 69 ).

Fun fact: I took a picture with a friend and Victor was just there behind me in the background. Little did we know… Anyway, Victor called a day after and we hit it off instantly, after he had to reintroduced himself.

On our first date, Victor boldly and passionately spoke about his love for God and family and that was when I knew he was someone I wanted in my corner as those were my core values.

However, we really just wanted to be friends as we were just recovering from past relationships but in the end, we definitely both wanted more.

I relocated and got distant but somehow, we reconnected and rebuilt our relationship from scratch being very intentional about every stage.

Looking back, we can see that every struggle, delay, celebration led us to each other and I wouldn’t change any part of it for anything.

Victor’s view:

It was during NYSC camp, I had noticed her earlier, especially one unforgettable time when she came to CCF Sunday fellowship but being me I never walked up. We spoke at different intervals but just in passing. On the last day of camp I saw her, walked up and left that conversation with her number.

A day after I called her from home, sadly I had to introduce myself again but I spent that evening having the best conversation I can ever remember having.

We went on a first date shortly after at Drumstix in Wuse 2. We ended up talking and I was blown by how much in her I admired. Our values were similar, backgrounds relatable and above all we saw our spiritual zeal.

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From there we stayed close, learning, fighting and loving each other with every passing day. We didn’t date till almost 3 years later when she was out of the country and I was planning to leave to a different country.

Fast forward to 2 years later that we were engaged and 11 months later we said I DO, surrounded by loved ones and the peace that comes with knowing you’re in the will of God.

Please find attached a couple of our pre-wedding and wedding pictures and highlight.

We hope that our love story is shared to encourage people to be open to finding love in the most mysterious place and way.

The details are as follows:

Bride: @estarrh_

Groom: @victor_okogbo

Planner: @official_whystress


Hashtag: #EVtillinfinity

We love, love stories and would absolutely share yours if you send stories and minimum of 10pictures to [email protected]!

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