Elaborate African Editorial Hairstyles.

The firm, curly and kinky nature of the afro hair makes it a perfect art material for editorial hairstyles. For black women, some days our hairs simply don’t obey us, they want to look like what we once called, disheveled and difficult. But thanks to the recent cultural re-evaluation, we have come to understand that the nature of our hair gives us the opportunity to explore different hairstyles.

The Afro hair is magical and versatile. Which allows it to be styled into numerous Protective ways. Braids, knots, cornrows, or locs. Beyond this conventional styles, we have also seen artists like Laetitia Ky express their beliefs and creativity through hair sculpting. 

Now if you have your eyes out for a whimsical, artistic shoot and maybe, just maybe,  you’re looking for a perfect African editorial hairstyle, you can take this post as an inspo post. If not, just sit back and enjoy the graceful gorgeousness of the Afro hair.

Bicycle wheel

bicycle African editorial hairstyle

Lower knot threading

knots editorial hairstyle

Bantu knots

bantu knots editorial hairstyle

Dramatic threading

dramatic threading hairstyle

Braided pony

pony tail editorial hairstyle

Laetitia’s Medusa’s art

Bow knot threading 

Spiral cap braids 

Now there are two types of black women in this world, the ones that believes that these styles are too elaborate for everyday wear and should be kept as they are named; editorial hairstyles. And the other woman that is daring and edgy enough to wear them even on regular days. 

Which of these women are you lovelies? Talk to me in the comment section, you know I’m always there.

Ciao for now.😌❤️

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