Eki styled her orange suit in 7 ways and we love it! 

With color blocking, transformer pieces and absolute versatility taking the style trend table by its horns lately, you need no sooth sayer to tell you that the classics are becoming boring.

Gone are the days when power suits were set aside for offices and corporate functions. In this dispensation, a girl can show up looking hot in a maxi blazer and strap heels for that sushi date.  Hot girl thang!

The last Month, media girl Eki, restyled her orange suit in 7 ways and we loved it!

We also thought to share with you, if we love it, you will definitely love it too!

1. Complete suit

3. Blazers on black dress

3. With a marble dress

4.Pants paired with blue blazers

5. Pants with yellow blazers

6. pink blazers

7. Complete monochrome set.

Which combo are you feeling the most lovelies Talk to me in the comment section, you know I’m always there.

Ciao for now.😌❤️

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