Dwindle Movie Review!

Dwindle is a very funny movie, I laughed so much the whole time. Broda Shaggi knows how to make one laugh effortlessly, and I like that about him. The story isn’t straight forward o, it’s not about one person, but it all came together and made sense at the end.

The story begins with two police women, officer Tolani (Funke Akindele) and officer Juliet (Bisola Aiyeola) getting assigned to an undercover role to protect the governor or Dakarwa state at a business meeting with some Lebanese, where he couldn’t come with any bodyguards. He got a “surprise babe package” after the business pulled through and unknowingly to him, he was getting himself into a hot mess! Oh, you wouldn’t even believe the “babe” is an old woman disguised with spiritual powers. Choi! Well, after they got to the room, she blew him powder —after some funny snake-ish moves, lol (you would get me if you’ve seen the movie)— which made him lose his willpower and that’s how he followed them o! 

You know how I said there was a lot happening and there were many stories, yes, there’s also the story of Chinedu (Jide Kene Achufusi) and Buta (Broda Shaggi). So these ones were friends and roommates, and more broke than you can imagine! While Chinedu was a responsible man who was trying to make ends meet legally, Buta na street!! 

Any way is the way for him and he could do anything to get this money. Chinedu was at his lowest, he got a job as a dispatch rider and on the day he was to start, they fired him, plus he got arrested, landlord packed their loads out and to crown it all, his family called him needing 1.2m for his dad’s liver disease treatment! 

He talked to Buta about how he was tired, he sha told him he would sort them out, they went to visit Collins (Efa Iwara), who was into transportation business, long story short, they stole his Nkechi— his car lol.

Oooh, and remember the two officers in charge of protecting the governor? They were charged with kidnapping and were declared wanted. 

Anyways, the first day Buta and Chinedu started their transportation business too, Buta didn’t want the “tush way”, as in working under a registered company like Uber, theirs was Taxifly, that was how they met the kidnappers that took the governor o, which led to so much you wouldn’t have imagined! 

See, a lot happened, so much, but it all made sense at the end seriously. It was very funny, and I laughed like crazy! I love the storyline, it’s not the regular and it really shows that it was well thought through. Even after the end, I didn’t want it to end, but I loved the ending though, it all came together and that was nice. They brought the energy from the beginning to the end and it really made sense. 

The acting was good, everyone brought their A games and really understood the assignment! Sound and everything was great too, inshort, the movie was worth it for me, I enjoyed it. Other popular faces you would see included Timini Egbuson, Lateef Adedimeji, Taymesan, and so many others! 

I’d rate an 8.5, just because I’m wicked, lol, but the movie was really worth it. You can watch it on Netflix if you are interested in seeing Dwindle! 

Have you seen the movie? Do you think my review was spot on? What were your most interesting or annoying parts? If you haven’t seen the movie, would you like to? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, I would be reading! 

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