“Do Revenge” movie review (6.5/10)

Happy Sunday Lovelies!! Have you seen “Do revenge”? I saw the movie trailer earlier this month and I being a fan of Camilla Mendes ( Drea from the movie), plus the trailer looked interesting (watch here) and the movie’s been trending on Netflix, I decided to check it out! Don’t think I enjoyed it that much though. 

“Do revenge” is about Drea and Eleanor (played by Maya Hawke), a dark comedy that introduces a connection between two students on the path to get revenge for what happened to them. Drea who used to be Queen B lost her place after her intimate video got leaked to her school mates by her rich ex boyfriend, which made her lose her friends (his rich friends) and her position. 

And then there’s Eleanor a new student in their school, with the life goal to ruin Carissa (one of their classmates), a friend from childhood whom she claimed to have shared her secrets about being gay and made everyone hate her. Turns out it wasn’t even Carissa, it was Drea, and her secret goal was to ruin Drea. 

After the humiliation of Drea’s video getting viewed and reshared online by her schoolmates, they went on a summer break, Eleanor and Drea met at a Tennis summer camp and that was the beginning of their crazy twisted friendship.

Anyways, they made a plan to enact each other’s revenge, as in Drea getting a revenge for Eleanor (by dealing with Carissa—unknown to Drea she was who Eleanor wanted to get a revenge on);  and Eleanor would deal with Max, (the crazy ex who leaked her video). 

It was all going fine until Eleanor who used to care less about the social lifestyle started loving it, she was even loving the group of friends Drea had complained about. The point of her getting close to them was to get tea on Max that would implicate him. While on their quest for revenge, they both fall in love with different people and in the end, Drea and Eleanor become really close friends and everything works out. 

I don’t think I really really enjoyed the movie. I love high school movies and I’ve loved Camilla Mendes from Riverdale, but I don’t think this movie did it for me. It was just there. 

Their closet was maddd though, they really looked super nice, I’d love to steal every outfit!! The cinematography and everything else was nice, I just think the storyline wasn’t that great to me. I can’t even place what’s wrong, I just didn’t really enjoy it. I’d rate a 6.5/10 for the effort though! 

What do you think? Have you seen Do revenge? What do you think of my review? What do you think of the movie?

Would you like to check it out if you haven’t seen it? Share with us in the comments! 

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