Distance Couldn’t Stop Their Love: Nanya & Izuu’s Pre-wedding Pictures

“She slid into his DM in March 2019 and that kicked off their conversation and by extension friendship. He proposed in January and they are getting married.”

Their love story as shared by Nanya:

March 2019, I was on Instagram and I came across his handle. His name Izuu caught my attention because it was spelt with a double “U” then I went through his page and I liked what I saw and followed him.

I slid into his DM and that kicked off our conversation, we talked for months. Then in July, he came to Istanbul to see me for the first time as I was in Istanbul for the summer holiday.

He ticked all the boxes. It was a long-distance relationship, I was studying in Hungary and Izuu lives in Nigeria. We would call each other every day and stay on the phone for hours when we talked.

We got to see twice every year when Izuu comes to Istanbul and when I come to Nigeria for the Christmas holiday. In January 2022 Izuu proposed. See some of the lovely photos from Nanya & Izuu’s pre-wedding shoots. We loved them!

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Bride-to-be @nanya__n

Groom-to-be @izuchukwudj

Planner @oraventss

Photography @zealsstudios @zealsphotography

Makeup @nukkiemua

Hairstylist @omiibyomii

Dresses @maryjuddieofficial

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