Dinner at my place review (8.5/10)

Dinner at my place is an interesting feel good romantic comedy you would enjoy. I saw it this weekend and I enjoyed every second of the movie, I didn’t want it to end. It had the perfect mix of romance and humor, my romantic self couldn’t stop smiling sheepishly at the sweeet moments. I really enjoyed it, I would love to see it again.

Now, let’s talk about the movie fully, first of all, who puts an engagement ring inside Egusi soup? Fine, it was a mistake, but that was funny and dumb as crazy! Nonso (Timini Egbuson) had made plans to propose to his beautiful girlfriend Chioma (Sophie Alakija), because that was his mum’s dying wish—to get married, plus she had gotten him a $22,000 diamond ring (wow, rich kids); and he was equally ready. So, yea, the proposal! 

Nonso had planned the perfect romantic dinner at his place with the help of Chioma’s best friend, Cynthia and his best friend Jay. By the way, E for Energgyyyy! The plan was going super well until Chioma came and due to nervousness, he mistakenly dropped the ring in the Egusi soup he had made her, lol. 

At this point I was wondering how he was going to get out of this, little did we know the dramaaaa that would happen next. Anyways, while they were about eating, Nonso’s ex, Bisi (Bisola Aiyeola), came visiting with her funny accent and crazy Yoruba retorts. She said she had an argument with her roommate and had nowhere to stay; so next thing is your ex’s house abi? She needs cane.

Chioma was so nice o, because I would have told her to start going back home. Nah, you aren’t about to ruin this romantic night, no! 

Well well, you guessed right, she joined their dinner and while eating like she hadn’t eaten in a while, at a dinner she showed up unannounced for, she swallowed the diamond ring alongside fufu. Or so we thought. Haha, beginning of wahala because, proposal in the what? Proposal in the mud. 

You could have been wondering where the “best friends” were at this point, well they were hiding in the room; trying to create their love story as well. That’s by the way. Let’s go back to our main story, how do we get the current girlfriend’s engagement ring out of the ex’s intestines? Crazyy! 

There was no point keeping it a surprise anymore now, because Chioma wanted to leave out of annoyance and he had to propose. The part she said “where’s the ring” and he was like “the ring, the ring, yes Bisi swallowed it”. Omg I laughed so hard.

Then began the quest to get out the ring after giving Bisola laxatives. See, you have to see the movie because you just have to. Nonso had to dip his hands in shit to search for the ring, even Bisi herself had to after she ran away from the house with the intention of selling the ring and becoming super rich. As in, a $22,000 worth of ring. I’m sure we’d all dip our hands in shit. Big ewwwwwwwww by the way, but we would do it too! Don’t lie. 

Ladies and gentlemen, turns out she didn’t swallow the ring and she had swallowed fish bone. All that stress for fish bone. FISH BONE! Ah 😂 Woh, if a miracle that would turn the bone to a diamond doesn’t happen ehn, no one would rest! I can’t imagine going through all that for nothing, God abeg. 

Anyways, long story short, they found the ring and they lived happily ever after! Hold on, our “best friends” love story also ended beautifully. I was just awwwninggg, because they looked so good together. Both couples did. Wow, such a great match.

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I really really enjoyed Dinner at my place. Honestly wasn’t expecting anything serious, it’s a feel good movie and it didn’t disappoint. I had even low expectations honestly, sorry, but the movie was a lot better. Check it out on Netflix whenever you’re in the mood for some feel good Nollywood romantic comedy. You can watch the trailer here.

It’s an 8.5/for me, because like I said it exceeded my expectations. Everyone played their roles awesomely, I really felt like I was in the movie “awning” in the background. Everything was okay to me to be honest, it didn’t drag, and I feel two or three scenes close to the end wasn’t necessary, but it wasn’t all that bad. It was a really nice watch, I would recommend it. 

Have you seen Dinner at my place? What do you think of my review? Did you enjoy the movie? What were your best or most annoying scenes? Share with us in the comments.

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