Dark October Review (5/10)

Dark October is like the saddest movie you would see right now. Linda Ikeji makes her Nollywood production debut in a recount of the tragic story of the 4 Uniport students “Aluu 4”, in 2012 that rocked the nation as a whole. These boys were accused of stealing and after a mock trial became victims of an angry mob who took matters into their hands and lynched them unjustly.

The movie almost got me in tears, I had to try really hard to hold it, because what was all that brutality? Brutal sounds like an understatement, how can people be so inhumane? Just because they went to ask for their money and then became victims of “being in the wrong place at the wrong time”. 

Jungle justice used to be a common happening in Nigeria, good to say it’s been reduced now. I personally witnessed one that happened where I live about 7 years ago. Although I wasn’t part of those telling them to hurt the alleged thieves, there was nothing I could do to stop them. I mean what could I have done?

The fact that the police always know about it and give a go ahead, as seen in the movie makes you resent the police force even more. Seeing how they were beaten and tortured in the movie brought back the sad memory and almost made me lose a tear. 

Who would have thought going to ask for your money from a debtor would lead to death? Wisdom, one of the indigenes, was owing Tizzy (a student) some money from a business transaction they had had. After several visits to his house and requests for his money, he and his friends decided they were going to go to his house as early as 5am to see him. I wish someone would have stopped them from going.

While robbers had been terrorizing the town, the community members had all agreed to take justice into their hands when next they caught a thief. Early in the morning as they had agreed to go see the debtor Wisdom, because he was a terrible person, he raised the false alarm which caught the attention of the angry vigilante group waiting to catch a scapegoat, and sadly, that was the beginning of their end. 

For no reason, they were terribly beaten, stripped naked, tortured and even burnt alive. That’s like the saddest thing you’d see in a while, just have your tissue handy if you tear up easily.

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The movie had its obvious flaws and I feel they should have made more research to know the victims’ story better, and also maybe use more familiar faces, but it didn’t fail in bringing the whole point of the story to life.

I would have talked about the cinematography and all, but what would you expect to see from what happened in 2012? I like how realistic the whole visual, costumes and overall movie was, it was very 2012. 

In real life, three of the perpetrators were sentenced to death, four were sentenced to life imprisonment and the wicked Wisdom still hasn’t been prosecuted.

Some of them getting their punishment made me happy, because you shouldn’t be that inhumane and go scot free. I hope Wisdom also gets his share whether on earth or in hell for what he did. 

I’m rating “Dark October” a 5/10 because it’s an average movie to me. It wasn’t bad, but could be better. Would commend Linda Ikeji for making her debut with such tragic story, really bold move I must say. 

Would I recommend the movie? Absolutely! It’s a must see. It’s available on Netflix if you would like to watch it. Also check out the trailer here

What do you think of Dark October? Would you recommend the movie? What are your thoughts? Also, what do you think of my Dark October review? Share with us in the comments!

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