Crocs and Kitos:  The Ideal Stylish Footwear for Wet seasons

It’s barely the  12th day, but so far, July already made it crystal clear to us that she is taking 2022 wet season more personally than we assumed or expected—especially for the residents of Tinubu’s Lagos. It’s not funny over here send help! 😭

While growing up, years pregnant with heavy downpours and flooding were usually foretold by self proclaimed prophets. As I write this, I have a faint image of me at 12 holding an annual prayer book that contains 10 prophecies of  the year 2012.  Number 6 or 7 warns people to avoid movements under rainfall as the year is pregnant with heavy and destructive floods. Whatever happened to these prophecies? nobody warned us about 2022. Or perhaps I outgrew paying attention to those things and missed it.

Anyway, we are not here to talk about the floods and rainfall, even though our conversation is closely related.  In the past couple of weeks, our daily schedules, movements and even outfits are dictated by the weather. If it’s not raining at the time you leave your house in the morning, prepare yourself, it’ll rain before you return.

And although the pain affects everyone, it’s more difficult for those without their personal rides. Their whole dressing is subject to the condition of the weather.

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Lovelies, it’s wet season, this is a good time to catch a break from your heels, ballet flats and sneakers. 

Here are other footwear options you can look to explore.


Photo obtained via pinterest @Savannah

Yeezy FOam runners

Photo obtained via pinterest @sincerelyalaiya

Kitos Sandals

Photo obtained via pinterest @Ays

Away from the soothing comfort these foot-wears have to offer, t hey’re the perfect go-to fashion investment you can make this period. They help you stay in style without sacrificing your comfort or safety. Each of these footies have very good friction that grips firmly against slippery roads. They are water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your shoes being ruined. And more importantly, they can be styled with almost any outfit regardless of color. Now this is a fact you will dispute mentally until you actually try it.

So lovelies, which  water resistant footwear perfect for the wet season do you think we left out? Let us know in the comment section and we’ll be sure to add if we agree with you!

Ciao for now😌❤️

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