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Someone that I knew did an introduction in April 2018 and gave birth to their daughter in September 2018 a message came from their church that their daughter should visit the marketplace until she clocks 1years old and the wife is unable to go back to business because she sells in the marketplace and also helped her mum to look after her business at the same marketplace. The wife is from a Muslim background but she had to convert because the husband’s background is from a Christian background. Before mid-2019 her MIL’s advised her to start a business and gave her some money to rent a shop She couldn’t see a shop nearby to the marketplace so rents one 7-10mins walk from the marketplace because of the message from church that her daughter can’t visit the market place until she’s a year older. The business wasn’t going smoothly because her customers are always in the marketplace and don’t have the energy to walk down to her shop.


In October 2019 after her daughter already clocked a year she moved back to the marketplace to start her business again and it was going smoothly until her MIL said they gave her a message from their church that her destiny is not attached to the marketplace that she should leave that shop and rent a new shop where there’s no crowd but the wife mother told her(the wife) that if she’s leaving that she should bother to take anything that she (the wife ) should calculate all the good in the shoo including the rent and let her know that she would pay her and take over the shop. But because her(the wife) mother was against it she(the wife) stayed back.( according to what I heard na the MIL use debt spoil the business) sometimes borrowing urgent 10k, 20k, 5k but the business didn’t go down because the wide was determined & focused. And even that make it compulsory for the wide to always close her business 4pm and that’s when some customers will come but because of her MIL rule she dare not.


In January 2021 the wife had a call that they brought her daughter(the wife) to a clinic in an emergency that was how the wife’s mother got to know about what was going on the MIL said her son’s wife is the one holding her son’s destiny not to prosper. MIL said her friend whos not a prophet/ their church member but who’s like a traditionalist gave her the message. They’ve took the wife to several places, out of the state just to confess that she(the wife) doesn’t know about it and to prove her innocence and to the extent that swearing an oath for everyone living in their house because the MIL lives with them, 2 of the husband’s sisters who’s also separated with their husbands lives under the same roof with them and husband younger brother lives under same roof.


It was late before the wife’s family got to know what was going on. She(the wife) was sad and depressed, and she do her herwhen( the wife’s mother) every Monday to Saturday at the marketplace and I don’t know what they tell her not to tell any of her family or maybe cos she took an oath with them


The wife’s family tried to make everything calm even after the MIL’s wrong accusation.


In March 2021 the MIL told her son(the husband) to leave their home and go somewhere else. The situation keeps getting worse as the husband didn’t come home after a month passed and the wife was living in denial. The pressure is too much on the wife as she was always threatened, and uncomfortable. At a point, someone stole all her phones from the window side and dropped the sim at the compound. Even the woman that gave the fake vision keeps coming back to attack the wife that why will she tell everyone, cursing her, abusing her


Even the husband’s younger brother said ever since the wife stepped into their house that maga has stopped paying😂 likewise husband. And the MIL also complains that his son has stopped giving her & her sister all they need that before if they ask he do give then. The husband has a wife and a child before he got married to the girl but it seems the MIL also sent the wife away. In April/ May 2021 both families calls for peace and how they can settle everything and they chose a day. The day came both families were present and the wife but the husband is still absent but still in the same city but didn’t come to attend. In conclusion they asked the MIL that what’s happening and she responded by saying that they told them that they are not compatible. They are not comparable ke? Didn’t they see the vision before their introduction in 2018 or while they’re dating.


They asked her(MIL) again that what’s the solution and she responded by saying ‘no solution, no going back’ the wife had to leave. Both families argued and the wife families said since they are no longer interested in the marriage that they should please do them a favor by taking all her luggage’s back to their(wife’s father) house because they came there to pick it up themselves and the MIL responded by saying ‘NO, she she herself(MIL) also leave her husband and took her luggage’s herself’ and the wife families responded that that’s now a curse and they can’t put that on their daughters head that whenever they’re ready to do that they should inform them. And everybody left.


In the evening of that day, the wife returned back from shop only to find out that her room has been sealed & locked and she couldn’t gain entrance. The wife called to inform her family and they told her to stay close by at a family friend’s house before their arrival and she obeyed. The wife’s family went back and took her daughter, they left with nothing, no cloth, bag, or money inside her room. In October 2021 the husband brought a divorce letter from court for an introduction that was never done in court but they still didn’t attend.”


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