Celebrities With The Cutest Tattoo!

Dear lovelies!! If you’re looking to get some ink job done on you, and need some of the cutest tattoo inspos on earth, this post is addressed to you. 

I don’t know about where you’re from, but over here in Nigeria, having tattoos on your skin is a core indicator that you are a wayward child.  

I have always wondered how and who came up with such bizarre stereotype Lol! Because tattooing tradition have always been a part and parcel of African culture even before the advent of the Europeans. 

Only that it wasn’t called tattoo back then, different tribes called it different names and people got tatted for different reasons. Some of these reasons includes healing from illnesses, yes you read that right.

Click here to read more on African Tattoo tradition.

But you know! That’s not the scoop for today though. Right now, we’re throwing our  home trainings out the window, ignoring the disapproving scowls from our elders as we glide through some of the cutest tattoo inspo by our faves. 

While some of the tattoos are obvious, you may need to zoom in to see the others, and zooming in to me, seem like what makes it more sexy!

Let’s take a ride!

1. Sophie Alakija

2. Quick steph

3. Nengi Hampson

4.Ms DSF

5.Tiwa savage


7.Beverly Osu

8. Deola Diiadem

9. Angel Smith

10. Veeiye

So who else feels like getting inked after seeing these?? And who is giving you the most inspiration?? I love love Quick Steph’s butterfly tattoo. When I get bolder, I’ll get one between my fingers.😌 So which one are you likely to be getting soon? Let me know in the comments section, I’m always there!

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Ciao for now.😌❤️

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