Breath of Life Movie Review: Stream or Skip?

Happy Sunday lovelies, have you seen Breath of Life? This one is a must watch, I tell you. It’s totally it! You should see it.

“Breath of Life” is a really beautiful and emotional movie about faith, love, fate, destiny, and a lot more. It started with the story of a gifted man, Rev. Timi Johnson, who’s life was seemingly perfect and lovely, everything was going really great for him, he had a family he loved, until life turned bad and everything he loved was taken from him and he became a shadow of himself. It was really sad and emotional.

Years later, fate brings Elijah to his doors, to be his house boy or house manager, little did they both know they were going to become a huge part in each other’s lives. Elijah helped him see the good in life again and he in turn helped Elijah grow greatly.

Due to how life dealt badly with Reverend Timi, he who was once a devoted man of God now hated everything about Christ. He didn’t even want to hear the name in his house. Elijah had come being led by the spirit to revive the church and walk in the ministry; imagine all this when he stayed with someone that doesn’t even want to hear about God in his house. Well, they found a way to make it work and it all went well…not after a few issues anyways! Don’t want to spill it all, you would have to see the movie for that!

And then there was love with Anna! Elijah and Anna were both deeply in love with each other, but then there was Anna’s father whose love for money wouldn’t let his daughter marry a houseboy. Well, his situation changed eventually, Glory! Elijah had a chronic case of asthma or so we thought, it eventually led to a huge situation where he needed new lungs and of course, you guessed right, sadly someone had to die to get him one.

I really loved the movie, it was so beautiful and emotional and just really perfect for a Sunday afternoon. What worked? Pretty much everything in my opinion. The choice of music, the cinematography, the acting— I really felt like I was in the movie with them, like I could feel their emotions; the casts were perfect for the roles, everything about the movie was perfect to me, to be honest. I really don’t have any issues with the movie, I enjoyed it personally.

Would I be recommending it? Of course! It’s available on Amazon Prime if you’d like to see it. Kudos to those that made the movie, it was really worth it. Here’s a link to the trailer if you’d like to check it out.

Have you seen “Breath of Life”? What are your thoughts? Did you enjoy it or was it a skip for you? What would you be rating it? Let’s know in the comments!

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