Big Love Movie Review (7/10)

Happy Sunday dear lovelies! Have you seen “Big Love”? Cheesy romantic movies will always have a special place in my heart, you should see me smiling throughout the movie. I enjoyed it. 

Big love, a movie by Biodun Stephen has a simple story that makes you feel like falling in love. Though the story could come off somewhat as predictable in some parts and the chemistry was “errrr” at some point, but it was still okay to me though. The movie wasn’t only about love, there were other aspects it touched and the lessons weren’t missed. Don’t get me wrong, Big love also had its faults here and there, but it was a really simple, feel good movie that made me feel good and I enjoyed it. 

Adil, a rich kid played by Timini Egbuson comes across his old school mate and long time crush, Adina (Bimbo Ademoye) at a bank training camp. In his attempt to become acquainted with her again falls in love and…the end! I’m kidding, there was sha plenty kissing and segz and everything was going fine, the chemistry was chemistrying until… well, it wasn’t.

It kind of felt like Adil was more in love, but Adina was just holding back due to her past experiences and her finding out Adil’s mum’s stance about single mothers, she knew it couldn’t work out with them, but Adil was persistent and well, he won. They told Adil’s family he was the father of Jayden, (Adina’s son), family falls in love with them, it was all going nice until the plot took a different turn after they revealed his real dad. 

What worked? I loved the cinematography and everything, the choice of music, the characters, like I lovedddd Adil’s family. His dad, mum and aunt (Shafy Bello), they were an interesting family. The training scenes was also realistic, however, I didn’t like how they didn’t talk to us more about the banking sector, that was an opportunity to enlighten us about some things.

Didn’t like the Ibadan slander, I’m not from Ibadan but they didn’t have to make it sound like a place you have to fail to get to. The rain falling scene was funny to me, that’s a typical scene off some K-drama. Didn’t like how their love seemed one sided, it was big love but from Adil, not mutual. The chemistry was off too. Also, what happens next with the child drama? All in all, I enjoyed it, it was a “feel good movie” and it made me feel good. 

Would I recommend “Big Love”? Absolutely! It’s a 7/10 for me, it’s worth checking out if you’re in the mood for a simple, romantic movie. It’s available on Amazon Prime, here’s a link to check out the trailer. 

Have you seen Big Love? What are your thoughts? Did you enjoy it or didn’t? Let us know in the comments!

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