Best dressed Ladies At The SYE Reunion Day 1

Dang! Lovelies, monthhhssss after the most anticipated TV show of the year finally comes Shine Your Eye (SYE) reunion last night.

At the reunion is where old beef are either resolved or refueled.🌚 Here we sign up for the violence and chaos, the fashion moments and bling blings. 

Last night, the ladies and gentlemen were welcomed by our lovely host Ebuka for the commencement of the SYE reunion and the gworlz looked gorgeous!!

Your guess is as good as mine, we’re here to bet on our best dressed, lovelies. In this period, there’s going to be a lot of topics, but as far as fashion and dresses goes, who was your top pick for day one?

Let’s take a ride.










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Jackie B

So lovelies, who’s your best dressed gorgeous, gorgeous girl for SYE reunion day one? Talk to us in the comment section, you know I’m always there.

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This page doesn’t support vawulence, but if vawulence offers itself on a platter of gold, who are we to refuse?🌚

Ciao ciao ciao for now!😌❤️

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