Before Valentine’s Review (5/10)

Before Valentine’s is a romantic comedy, set in a hairdressing salon and it revolves around characters experiencing trials of love and unexpected surprises, all before Valentine’s Day. It’s a movie about second chances, living your truth and leaving out all judgments. 

It all started on Valentine’s eve when a usual customer and her friend came to make hair at their salon, in the middle of their gists and jests, secrets started unfolding and truths began unfolding. There was the story of Sugar and her mother coming from “UK”, her persistent admirer, Max and how he was “Mumu in love”. Not my words! I really liked him, he was a great guy. 

Then there was Chika, mummy G.O (Aka Jesus’ baby), acting holier than thou, with her secret of sleeping with a married man for money. And then there was Tamara who was in an unromantic relationship with her way older husband, giving off the impression that she was in the most romantic relationship with a “hot, handsome and super rich guy”.

It was funny how everyone’s secrets came to light. When you think “what else could happen” and bam, another person’s “yansh” is open to the public. 

Before Valentine’s was just an okay movie, there wasn’t really much going on and not much to talk about. It had an okay storyline too and the acting wasn’t bad. But I’m still trying to understand how they made two customer’s hair from what seemed like morning till late in the evening. Just crochet and wig, from morning till night. We can even agree that a hairdressing salon can run for long hours, what about the office too, they don’t go home by 5 or 6? 

The movie made me laugh in some parts though, it wasn’t all that bad. Also, some scenes were totally unnecessary and some of the guest actors that came to show their faces for 1min, it was just “meh” to me. 

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Bottom line of the story was to say no to pretense, live your life owning your truth, open your heart to love and don’t judge in order not to be judged. 

Would I recommend “Before Valentine’s”? I really can’t say. But don’t forget the fact that it was okay to me doesn’t mean it would to you. You might find it interesting. I’m rating the movie a 5/10. It was an average movie. It’s available on Netflix if you’d like to see it, and watch the movie trailer here

Have you seen the movie? What do you think of my review? Have you seen Before Valentine’s, what did you think of the movie?

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