“Battle On Buka Street” Review (8.5/10)

Happy Sunday Lovelies!!! “Battle on Buka Street” took us on a ride, sheesh! What started as a violent, dramatic movie ended on a beautiful emotional note, and I must say, it was a great movie. I enjoyed every second of it, I didn’t even want it to end.

The movie starts with Yejide (Funke Akindele) giving us a flashback intro into the whole polygamous family rivalry between her mother Asake (Sola Sobowale) and Ezinne ( Tina Mba). This rivalry transfers from the mothers to their children Yejide and Awele (Mercy Johnson), with almost all the scenes in the movie being about them fighting and competing about one thing or the other, trying to outshine the other.

This rivalry between them even made Awele get married on the same day with Yejide and after some time, Awele decided to leave the village, ushering in some peace and win for Yejide. Years later, Yejide had opened the best Amala spot in Buka street, and what would become the end of her “win and peace” was Awele returning back to the village and opening a shop opposite Yejide’s.

You know with rivals, coming to open a spot opposite a supposed enemy and selling the same thing they sell was a declaration of war, and both parties were ready for it. The subsequent scenes show the half-sisters trying to prove they are better than each other, leading to sabotaging their restaurants.

However, after some time and with the death of a family member, they both realize the importance of family and eventually decide to let it all go. Oh no, it wasn’t that easy, a looooot more happened!

“Battle on Buka Street” is the definition of good scripting. While the end seems like it was kind of rushed a bit, the movie progressed excellently if I must say. Exploring rivalry across three generations and letting us feel it like we’re part of their world was impeccable.

This movie takes a break from the usual classy lifestyle we see on screens lately and takes us back to the old nollywood grassroot movies, but better. The acting was great!! The actors and actresses all brought their A game. You could totally feel all the emotions they wanted us to feel, the anger, pain, joy, sadness, everything!! Shall we also talk about cinematography? Okay, that movie was good. I wouldn’t lie, there were a few faults here and there, but the good parts were more, so we’d just let it go.

When Funke Akindele directs a movie, she does it awesomely and snatches all the flowers while at it. She doesn’t wait for them to be handed to her. “Battle on Buka Street” co-directed by her and Tobi Makinde wasn’t overhyped at all, it was a great movie and I enjoyed it. I’m rating this movie an 8.5/10, and it’s currently available on Amazon prime if you would like to see it!

What are your thoughts dear Lovelies, have you seen Battle on Buka street? Did you enjoy it, did you not? What do you think of our review of the move, let’s know in the comments!

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