Ankaranistas: Baddies, Hotties, And Everything In Between!

We’ve been talking about Ankara for a while now and some of us are not just talking about it, we are actually wearing it. You’ve seen how popular Ankara fashion is getting and you want to join the trend. But you’re missing an inspiration and style guide. Here’s your solution. This list of 30+ Ankara styles will guide you to pick the right style and pattern for the right occasions. We are talking about birthdays, date nights, and formal functions.

So lovelies, which of these styles had you screaming in excitement and you can’t wait to show your tailor, let us know in the comment section, you know I’m always there! one more thing, when your tailor is done recreating for you, do tag us in your pictures, we would love to see you in them! Ciao for now!

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