Anikulapo movie review! (9.5/10)

Hi lovelies, where am I even going to start from? This Anikulapo movie is sweeting my body, you really need to see it. I’ve been wanting to see the movie since I saw the trailer, I finally saw it this weekend and it didn’t disappoint!!!! I loved every scene in the movie, each minute spent on the movie was worth it. 

Kunle Afolyan has always been an amazing director, and he delivered. As in, every person delivered their roles perfectly and the movie passed across it’s point awesomely. 

Anikulapo is a star studded period drama, that tells the story of love, jealousy, hatred, deceit, pride, covetousness, among many others. The story was in a way divided into two parts, the first part tells the story of Saro ( Kunle Remi) who came to Oyo Ile as a traveler in quest for greener pastures. He met with Aworun (played by Sola Sobowale), and though she wanted to have him as her play thang, she helped his business and he got thriving. 

Saro, probably because of money, or because he’s a Yoruba demon, I don’t know, coveted the king’s favourite wife, Arolake (Bimbo Ademoye). Anyways, they decided to elope, their secrets got leaked and the king dealt with him, he died. 

In the beginning, the narrator shared a folklore about a bird that can bring people to life and either leaves them or kill them again depending on their cause of death and if it was their time to die. We didn’t know we would get to see it until after Saro died. The bird brought him back to life, and while it was trying to let him die again, Arolake attacked the bird, which made it leave “it’s source of power” in quest for survival.

Remember they had planned to run away from the kingdom; when Saro came back to life, they left for another village, obviously they couldn’t stay there anymore; which now brings us to the second part of the story.

With the power of the Akala bird in hand to raise the dead, Saro became Anikulapo meaning “He who has death in his pouch/ purse” in the village they moved to. He was raising the dead left, right and centre. He also got rich, because people would appreciate him for raising their loved ones. That’s how pride and covetousness entered his life! 

He got married to more women, neglected Arolake, new wives humiliated her because she couldn’t birth a child. It was just so sad. The straw that broke the camel’s back was hearing Saro asked to marry the princess of where they now stayed, in exchange for raising the prince before he could raise him. The prince died and the right thing was to raise him after all what they’ve done for him right? Pride goes before a fall like they say. Pride made Saro lose everything he had which eventually got him killed. 

I really really enjoyed the movie. Even though it was long, I honestly didn’t want it to end. The movie it rich in culture, their costumes were superb, the background sounds and music were great, the cinematography was great, everything about the movie was good.

What I didn’t really like was then showing us Bimbo’s boobs. That sex scene wasn’t necessary at all. It felt like it ruined the great storyline in a way, but we would accept it like that. It was worth every second spent. I would rate 9.5/10, and you can watch it on Netflix if you would like to. Watch the trailer here. The movie is very star studded, expect to see many familiar faces.

Have you seen the movie? What did you like or didn’t like about Anikulapo? What do you think of my review?

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